What is Confidence? Define, Build it and Succeed

Ask yourself the question "What is confidence?" and a number of diverse answers may spring to mind. As you consider the meaning of the word you'll find it associated with feelings, beliefs and physical action.

Here are some of the ways people describe what confidence means for them:

  • A belief in yourself and in your abilities
  • A feeling of empowerment and of being in control
  • An energy that enables you to manifest your ideas and do what you want
  • Ease in being yourself
  • Inner security and trust in the world
  • A basic feeling of 'I'm ok' - good enough to be deserving, attractive enough to appeal to others

Connected as it is to the emotions, the mind and the body, confidence has a far-reaching effect on how we feel and experience life. Not only does it oil the wheels of everyday living, it can enable us to realise our full potential and set us free.

Whether you wish to parachute jump, ask for a date or pass an exam, confidence makes your goal more possible to achieve. When you feel ok about yourself and believe in your ability to succeed, an unclimbable mountain becomes an interesting challenge. When you develop super-confidence you can MOVE mountains.

But what is confidence for you?

Perhaps you see in your mind's eye, someone with a radiance and poise that draws others to them like moths to a flame. Maybe you recall a person with a strong sense of inner security who stood their ground with dignity against a bully, OR it might be the power and self assurance of successful people that is attractive to you.

Why not spend a little more time contemplating 'What is confidence for me?'. You want to build self confidence and it's important to get a clear mental image of what that means for you. A fuzzy picture gets fuzzy results. Focussing your mind on what you want brings all your energies in line with your goal.

Once you have your own detailed definition of what confidence is for you, write it down and keep it handy. It will come in useful later on.

Now let's look at what confidence is not

Some people worry that becoming confident will somehow make them less likeable. Let me dispel this notion immediately. We are not talking here of arrogance or conceit which have their root in the ego. You will NOT become aggressive or self-centred.

By developing a healthy self-belief, the fear, nerves or low esteem which may be holding you back can be overcome. Your natural, true self can then shine as it was meant to do.

Asking 'What is confidence?' and 'What does it mean for me?' starts you thinking about what you want. This will make setting your goals easier when you come to that. For the next step go to Self Help. This is where you get to explore your tool box and discover the awesome power of the mind.

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