Don’t Let The Recession Beat You
Be Immune to Doom and Gloom

Is the recession affecting your life and how you feel? The tips in this article will help you build an unshakeable inner foundation of confidence and optimism despite what may be happening outside.

Say NO to contraction and YES to expansion

Once fear or depression has taken hold, contraction happens – not only in the muscles of your body, but also in the expansiveness of your mind. This makes it harder to respond to circumstances in a positive and creative way.

Mentally ploughing over your worries or unhappiness actually blocks your intuition and inspiration – the qualities you need to cope with the circumstances you are in, and to find a way out of them.

To put yourself in the best possible position to deal with the effects of the recession and for turning your own life around it’s necessary to actively prevent contraction of your self and promote feelings of creative expansiveness. In this way, you set yourself up to attract positive outcomes.

Get out of your head and into your heart

Worrying about the recession gets you stuck in thinking mode. To transcend your circumstances you need to get beneath your thoughts and into feeling mode. I don’t mean you have to be emotional. I am talking of being in a naturally responsive state where you feel safe and secure, and where you can be aware of the guiding impulses of intuition. I will call this the heart space.

How to enter your heart space

Take five minutes or so to relax each day. Nothing dire will happen if you relax fully for a few moments. Avoid being tempted to do other things first. Make this inner time your priority.

Close your eyes. Put your hand on your heart and mentally say the words ‘be still’. As you relax into the moment, mentally repeat ‘I’m safe’ and allow yourself to feel safe and secure inside. Even in the most trying of circumstances, you can afford to feel safe for five minutes, because whatever might happen won’t happen in those five minutes.

Leave all thoughts about the recession and hardship behind and think of everything and everyone that you love, and all who love you. Bathe in the feelings of love. Think also of all you have to be grateful for. Run through the good things in your life and acknowledge them. Allow yourself to feel them in your heart. Know that this flow will continue. It will, if you don’t block its way with fear.

Finally, get in touch with the magic of ‘anything can happen’ and ‘everything is possible’. Let your heart open to all the possibilities. Make them as expansive as possible. Really stretch your thoughts until you can feel that whole field of possibility stretched out before you and around you.

Feel yourself to be in the centre of that field and that it flows through you. Allow yourself to be excited about good things coming your way.

You might think of all the routes that money and good fortune could possibly come from, or all the circumstances that could arise (however unlikely they may seem to be) to provide you with more money and greater happiness. Allow yourself to be playful with this and enjoy the creativity of it.

Amazing things can happen

This is not a fantasy world you are creating because amazing things CAN happen when you are in your heart and open to possibilities – even when there is a world recession. As you do this you will begin to feel abundant, know you are abundant, act as if you are abundant. Then you will attract abundance to you.

Afterwards, don’t just snap back into the old mode. Retain the positive feelings you have created for as long as you can. Top up if necessary with a second session the same day. Soon you will be able to carry the feelings over for longer and longer until you are able to remain worry-free and confident between daily sessions.

Try not to judge situations as ‘bad’

Remain open in your daily life. If something potentially threatening arises, try to retain a curiosity about what is unfolding as though it is significant and will lead to something positive. This will enable you to remain expanded and leave your intuition free to work.

This is where you might get a feeling you should contact someone or you get a nudge to visit a particular place. Following through may prove to be the step required to bring you that opportunity for better things.

Get back to your true self

When you enter your heart space you get back in touch with your true self, you feel better, have more energy, are more confident, more empowered, more inspired. Your instincts are able to guide you and you are in the perfect state to attract the things you want.

Daily practice creates a mini environment within you which supports and nurtures you, and which protects you from automatically reacting to ‘bad’ news or stress AND it keeps the recession in its proper place – OUTside of you.

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