Get Into a Positive Frame of Mind with Self Help

In this self help primer I'm going to help you develop or improve your mindset to make building confidence easier. I'll also take you through identifying and setting goals that are specific to your needs. For your inspiration there is also an article about the power of the mind, the greatest resource you have.

Must I help myself? Is there no other way?

Making any personal or life changes inevitably involves self help. Building your self confidence is no exception. You could go to a therapist. That is an option, but the ultimate aim of all good therapy is to enable you to help yourself! The bottom line is - no one else can do it for you.

The do-it-yourself approach saves you money you might otherwise have spent on a therapist but does that mean you will lose out on expert knowledge? Certainly not. Much of the information I share with you on the site was acquired through personal experience in building my own self confidence. The rest is derived from my past profession as a therapist and the experiences of others.

Introducing the Tool Box

Think of self help as the tool box containing an array of useful tools or techniques appropriate for the job you are going to be doing. It comes with its own do-it-yourself manual. Have you ever built furniture from a flat-pack and ignored the piece of paper that tells you the best method of assembly, then stood back to admire your handiwork only to find the door is on the wrong way? Hmmm.....

Save your time and energy by clicking on the following links for the best approach to bring to your creative project - yes, I mean your project of building confidence. This self help manual will enable you to get the greatest leverage from the tools and make sure you get your doors on the right way!

The first part of the manual focuses on the importance of goal setting. Use this link to find out why goals are fundamental to building confidence and how to set your personal targets. Self help also requires a particular frame of mind where you create good habits and become your own helpmate and mentor. Click here and develop the right mindset to ensure your success.

At the bottom of the tool box lies the greatest power tool of all - your mind. Some people find it difficult to make the changes they want. Find out why, and discover how you can use the untapped power of your mind to win through.

Now it's time to begin

When you have clicked through all the links on the page, you've explored the self help tool box. Start putting what you have learned into practice and you'll be really resourced when you come to use the actual tools, the confidence-building techniques. Since you took the trouble to prepare the way, the territory will feel more familiar to you and you'll be building on to a firm foundation.

If you skipped the links, I would encourage you to go back and take a peek at least. In the end slower is faster, believe me!

Do explore the rest of the site and absorb the information. Make notes if you want. However, before you start using the techniques, please make sure you have listed your goals and created a plan . Goals are potent and provide the focus and drive you'll need to get to where you want. The plan is the map you'll be following. You will be able to modify these as you go along but it is important to set off with and keep a clear direction.

The Good News

Although you'll be using self help to build your confidence, you will not be alone. I will be right alongside, cheering you on every step of the way!

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