More Self Confidence Poems to
Stimulate & Inspire You

Looking for more self confidence poems? Here are a few more....

The poems below arose out of my firm belief that many of the answers we seek outside, actually exist within us. Sometimes we distract ourselves by looking for the quick fix, a magic drug to suppress our emotional pain, or a guru to put us on the right path.

I also know that insights from within us can lead us to effective remedies or helpful people. All I'm advocating is that we listen to our heart and innermost thoughts more often and learn to trust the 'voice within'.

Looking Beyond

Looking for pills as the solution
Instead of skills and evolution
Won't bring peace or resolution
Won't mend ills, nor end confusion

Looking inside, deeply within
Where answers reside and changes begin
Bringing light to dark places
And height to narrow spaces

Illumines the source of all things
Defines the course that brings
Wisdom to the self, the ancient alchemy
That creates perfect health and ultimate harmony

The Quick Fix

Swallowing pills and potions
Applying creams and lotions
The quick fix keeps us going
For a while.

While constantly driving
Relentlessly striving
Getting less and less done
In more and more time.

Circling round and round
Destination never found
Till we grind to a halt
Wondering what’s wrong.

Looking outside for the solution
Is no substitute for evolution
And rich untapped sources
Lying within.

The wise man or woman inside
Our inner nurse, mentor and guide
Holds the answers
If we listen.

Deep in the silence of the heart
Love, healing, and wisdom impart
Their fragrance
To the aware.

The quick fix falters in the end
While growth from within transcends
A problematic life

Composing and writing self confidence poems is therapeutic in itself. If you haven’t tried it before, take up pen and paper now or turn to your word processor and let the ideas, feelings and words flow. Make your outpourings positive and motivational and you may be surprised to find how uplifting reading your own words can be.

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