Let Self Acceptance Be Your Rule

We all know that self acceptance is important for our self esteem and a happy life but if you just don't feel good about yourself, what is to be done? Check the list below for factors that may be influencing your view of yourself. Make changes in the areas that apply to you and you'll soon start to feel different.

  • Is your conscience clear? If you need to make things right with someone or correct a wrong of your own doing, do this first.

  • Has someone hurt you recently or in the past? Try and look at the other person's actions with understanding and forgive them.

  • If you are mentally using the words 'should' or 'ought' about something, decide whether this is a case for doing it or letting yourself off the hook, and move on.

  • Are you being unkind about yourself as a person either in thought or word? Take control of your self-talk and you'll soon start to appreciate yourself more....

  • Do you acknowledge yourself when you do something well? Give yourself due recognition and praise.

Not feeling good enough may seem to be built-in but it's NOT in your genes. You can certainly change things around with regular practice of these principles. Find out more ....

Keep a Sense of Proportion

No one is perfect. Most people do their best as I'm sure you do. Who is to say whether this is good enough or not? Notice when you adopt a 'critical parent' stance towards yourself and change to the role of being your own best friend.

Think of all the positive qualities you appreciate in a good friend - love, encouragement, support, humour etc. - and give yourself all of that loving understanding on a regular basis.

Try this Self Acceptance Exercise

There are two sides to every coin and everything has a positive as well as its negative side. Think about some of the things you want to change about yourself and look for the other side of the coin. For example, if you dislike the fact that you are quiet and shy, you may realise you are also a good listener and sensitive towards others. Write this positive quality down.

If you tend to get passionately angry for instance, it could mean that you have a lot of useful energy to devote to a worthy cause. The energy itself is positive. Write it down.

Now list those characteristics, traits or abilities that you feel ok about. Include things like: readiness to help, sense of humour, good driver, caring parent, strong body, health, agile mind, good at explaining things, musical ability, love of literature, ecologically minded....

Continue to add to your list of positive attributes over a period of days and weeks. You may have to work hard to acknowledge positive things about you, especially if the habit of running yourself down is deeply ingrained. However, once you accept there are good things about you, your self acceptance will grow.

The Truth Revealed about Accepting Yourself

The truth is: you are ok just the way you are. That's right - you are ok just the way you are!

Self acceptance is an attitude you can choose to have towards yourself. Because you don't believe this yet, I give you things to do so you can justify feeling ok about yourself, but no justification is necessary. It can be the work of a single moment if you'll simply drop the untruth and believe you are good enough now.

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