Develop your Relaxation Technique, Feel the Bliss, Blow your Mind!

Mastering the relaxation technique confers great benefit to both your body and mind. As the body is restored to its natural, tension-free state, feelings of deep enjoyment, bliss and wellbeing, typically arise.

When you deeply relax you may also experience a heightened state of awareness, due to the alteration in brain waves which spontaneously occurs. Self hypnosis then becomes an easy and natural progression of events.

Spend some time making the conditions just right. Make sure you are warm enough, that there is enough ventilation and you won't be interrupted. Now you are ready to begin....

The Method of Progressive Relaxation

Even if you find the relaxation technique difficult at first, you will be able to train your body to enter this desirable state on demand. This is how you do it:

Either sit or lie down. It doesn't matter which, as long as you are comfortable, and let go of any thoughts of doing something else. Close your eyes. To attain a good level of relaxation, you will need to work systematically through the body so....

Think of your body in sections: the feet, legs, pelvic girdle and buttocks, tummy area, chest, hands and arms, shoulders and neck, face and scalp. You are going to tense and relax each of these areas in turn, holding the tension for some moments before letting it go.

Start at the feet. Tense them, curling the toes, and hold that tension for a few moments so you really feel it strongly. Then release. Focus on the sensations in your feet as tension ebbs away. Continue to appreciate the feeling of muscular release in your feet.

Now the legs: tense, hold, release, appreciate.... and so on, working upwards through the various sections of the body. Don't rush this.... Enjoy the blissful feelings. After a few sessions your body will remember how it feels to let go, and you will find this relaxation technique comes much more easily and naturally.

Now allow whatever you are sitting or lying on to take your full weight. Feel yourself sinking down into it.... Imagine now a wave of relaxation sweeping down from your head right the way down the body.... to your toes.

Help Yourself with Affirmations

Affirmations can be a helpful addition to induce feelings of inner peacefulness. You might say to yourself something along the lines of: 'I am relaxing more and more deeply with every breath I am taking' or 'I am feeling more and more peaceful with every second that passes'.

Other useful words to use are: loose, limp, light, or heavy, relaxed.

Relaxation Music

The right sort of music can change your mood in a helpful way. If it appeals to you, play some gentle, soothing music quietly in the background while you conduct your session. Make sure beforehand that it has no loud or fast passages to disturb you.

Now you've mastered your relaxation technique you are ready to move on and begin the deepening process.

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