The Power of the Mind, Your Mightiest Self Help Tool

If you haven't yet experienced the power of the mind, you are in for a wonderful surprise. If you think of it in a negative way as something that sabotages your best efforts by generating worrying thoughts and negative images, you need to take control of your mental processes. You can then experience the hugely positive aspects of this resource.

Imagine sitting astride a powerful horse and wanting it to take you to a specific destination. You sit there without taking the reins and get frustrated when the horse takes off in the opposite direction! Your mind is like a horse. Take charge of it, guide it to where you want to go, and you'll be a winning team. The motto here is: take control, or be controlled. Harness the power of the mind for the successful accomplishment of your goals. The Techniques part of the site will enable you to do this.

Mind Power, the Great Iceberg

Freud compared the human mind to an iceberg where the conscious part is represented by only one seventh, visible above the water. The greater portion lies submerged, as a vast, largely untapped, resource that can be used to advantage. Many attempts at self help fail, or prove very hard work, because only the tip of the iceberg is being used. You can realise your desire for change by learning how to utilise the unconscious part of your mind as well.

Another reason why some people find it difficult to change themselves or their lives is that their mental energy is divided. The top of the iceberg may be trying to move in one direction and the mass beneath the water in another. The power of the mind is thus neutralised.

For example, you want to be confident enough to drive in a car rally. You think you have the energy and motivation to reach this goal, however, buried in your unconscious mind may be a fear about dying, fear of failure, or even fear of success (yes, really!). These other considerations may not be consciously known to you, but they will exert an opposite force to either slow you down or prevent you getting what you want.

When both the conscious and the unconscious are in harmony with each other, the full power of the mind can be applied to your goals with greatest effect. What can you do about anxieties you know nothing about? Firstly, be honest about any apprehensions you are conscious of. This will create a climate where the hidden ones may make themselves known.

The techniques you will be using do NOT require in-depth psychological work. Although they are applied by the conscious mind, they exert a powerful effect on the unconscious. As you increase your mind power and become more aware of your inner process you may learn more about the nature of what holds you back. If this happens you can use the new information in a positive way. If such insights do not occur, don't worry, it's not a requirement for the system to work.

Be Inspired, Think Outside the Box

We all know of inspirationsl stories where people do exceptional things, like the woman I knew who was given 6 months to live and survived 20 years because she put her mind to it. I don't know about you, but I love these true stories because they are full of hope. They illustrate what is possible with the power of the mind and because of that, they empower me.

Such stories seem to have one thing in common. The people in them think outside the box. They do not allow themselves to be limited by established beliefs or those of others. What they believe to be possible becomes so for them. Limitation is a state of mind. So is freedom.

The Power of Belief

The 'placebo effect' is well documented as an example of the power of the mind. A significant number of people who believe they are receiving medication when they are actually taking inert sugar pills, nevertheless respond positively.

Research shows that subjects under hypnosis who were given to believe a lighted cigarette was being applied to their skin, produced a burn at the touch of a pen. Other subjects who were told a pen was being applied to their arm, produced no burn when touched by a lighted cigarette.

Beliefs and expectations are so powerful they can alter the body's responses. Our thinking can improve our health as well as undermine it. If thoughts can change us on the physical level, can the power of the mind affect other aspects of life?

The Winning Mindset

When my son was about four he became fretful during a game we were playing because he was consistently losing. "I'll never win" he kept saying. I explained that if he put his energy into believing he could win, he would do better. In order to win at this late stage of the game he needed to have all five dice come up with the same number. Three throws of the dice were allowed in which to do this. The little lad went quiet while he applied the power of the mind to throwing five sixes. He then shook the dice. Yes, five sixes landed on the carpet in just one go! It is difficult to know which of us was more shocked.

Don't all rush to the casino.... I am saying that through focussed positive thinking we can predispose the world to respond more favourably to us. It does not mean we always get our own way or that we can earn a living by gambling!

The more you practise, pushing the envelope of your own beliefs, the more you will be rewarded. My husband and I have a lot of fun when out driving, trying to keep traffic lights green and finding parking places where we want them by using our mind power. All I can say is that it seems to work more often than when we don't bother.

Is it so far-fetched a concept that there is a connection between what we believe and what happens? Even scientists have proved that experiments are affected by the presence of an observer. Once you realise that your internal world is a model for your outer experience, you have the means to make the life changes you seek. As you experiment with the power of the mind you will find this truth for yourself.


Let me draw these threads together. When you study the Techniques on this site you will learn how to:

  • Take control of your mind. Train it to think positively and productively so it will not control you
  • Utilise the unconscious as well as the conscious part
  • Convert any resistant force into one of co-operation and double the mental power you can apply to your goal
  • Think outside the box. Choose freedom instead of limitation
  • Believe you can have or do what you want

Utilising the power of the mind is key to the success of self help. The more you use this resource, the easier you will find it to achieve your goals and develop the self confidence you desire.

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