Positive Affirmations and Visualisations for Wealth

Words are powerful whether they are used mentally or spoken out loud. Positive affirmations harness the power of the word and enable you to attract goodness to you. Here they are specifically used to create wealth.

If you haven't already done so, click on this link to learn about empowering yourself with positive self-talk and how to become a positive thinker.

It is important that you find positive affirmations for creating wealth that are right for you, that use your own kind of language and suit your particular situation.

The suggestions below are merely intended to give you an idea so you can then create your own - which will be more powerful because they are YOURS.

  • The universe is richly abundant and is supplying all my needs
  • Money is now flowing through all avenues to me now
  • I am a magnet to the wealth I desire
  • I now claim my wealth from the generous universe
  • I am confident that all my financial needs are being generously met now

When you are blessing money, you might say something like:

  • I bless this £20 I am sending out into the world. May it bring love, joy and abundance to everyone who handles it and return to me tenfold as £200.

Make sure you use the present tense and repeat your positive affirmations several times a day so they sink deeply into your mind and being. Keep going until you get feedback in the form of wealth coming in - acknowledge this when it occurs - and then continue. It is a sure sign you are on track, but don't stop.


Elsewhere I have described the power of visualisation in the context of building self confidence. You can also use visualisation to become a powerful magnet to wealth. All you have to do is to sit comfortably, relax and direct your imagination in particular positive ways.

Create your own mind-pictures to suit your individual situation. Here are a few suggestions just to start you off:

  • Imagine your bank balance growing, see the statement with a healthily growing amount in it. Practise feeling comfortable with larger and larger amounts
  • Visualise in detail what you will do with the extra money, how it will feel, what other opportunities it will open up
  • Picture letters with gifts of money in them, winnings, offers etc. coming in through your post box
  • See in your mind's eye the business opportunity or promotion you want being offered to you and accepting it
  • Mentally live in the house of your dreams or live the life you desire

You can mentally say your positive affirmations during the visualisation if you wish.

Always be in your own visualisation, that is imagine yourself fully there and interacting. Even if your ability to visualise is not that good you can strengthen your mental picture with appropriate sounds, textures and feelings. It is the feeling that is most important anyway.

Another version of this is to make a collage of pictures cut from magazines which represent what you are wishing to manifest. You can meditate on the finished picture and commit it to memory.

Spend regular time, even if it is only a few minutes daily, deliberately visualising what you want. Remember to STOP yourself whenever you are tempted to think about or picture what you do not want - or you will neutralise the positive energy you have generated.

Work on maintaining a positive and expectant attitude and you will become a powerful magnet to greater wealth and abundance. Start now with your positive affirmations and visualisation and begin to enjoy the confidence that prosperous thinking and money brings. Good luck!

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