Boost Yourself with Confidence Poems

I hope you enjoy the poems on this page. Sometimes a message is conveyed more effectively and completely through the medium of poetry, than it is through long explanations.

If you like any of these, try reading them through each day for a while, or commit them to memory. Even better, you might try writing your own.

I Will Have Courage

Today I will have courage
To do one thing that is new
I will be kind to another
And to myself be true

Today I will remember
The blessings that are mine
I'll live the day with confidence
And for me the sun will shine

Out of all the poems, I like this next one the best. It was inspired by observing another person speak their mind with ease - something I was finding difficulty doing myself.

Speaking Your Mind

Don't you admire the rough diamond who speaks his mind,
Calls a spade a spade, leaves all pretence behind
And everyone knows where they stand.
Blunt and to the purpose, no cap in hand
With hob-nailed boots he never stoops,
Nor deigns to jump through social hoops,
The rough diamond who speaks his mind.

But for those more civilised and refined
You can just open your mouth and speak your mind.
Be yourself, and from your inner comfort words will come
To clothe the substance of your being, and some
One else will wonder at your social grace,
Bask in the light reflected from your face,
The polished diamond who speaks his mind.

At times life can seem too much to cope with. The next poem reminds us that a fresh perspective can help.

When Life Feels Like A Mountain

When life feels like a mountain
Standing high in front of me
I pretend I am a bird
Flying fast and free

Winging up the mountainside
The peak now sharp defined
Draws me ever upwards
Fear and doubt are left behind

Soaring above the summit
The world lies at my feet
A carpet rich in possibility
Unfolds beneath

So when life feels like a mountain
Spread your wings and fly
Concentrate your mind
And aim for the sky

On the wings of confidence
You'll find everything you need
The birds-eye view clearly shows
The best way to succeed

This next poem is about building self esteem.

Loving Yourself

Love your neighbour as yourself
Is what we're taught to do.
When you give to others, don't forget
The love that's due to you.

Loving yourself begins
With being your own best friend,
With kindness and respect
On which you can depend.

Love yourself for just being you
And self esteem will grow.
Praise yourself for the things you do
Self confidence will surely follow.

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