Build Your Personal Lifestyle for Super Confidence

Enjoy greater self confidence and empowerment by creating a personal lifestyle that supports and nourishes you...

You've had a bad day and all you want to do is to go home, make a cup of tea and relax. You expect to feel better in your own environment, and you do. You are supported by your home and the effective routine you have in place. On a bigger scale, but in the same way, your whole lifestyle can be a solid foundation and a powerful resource.

All too often the shape a life takes is down to accident and the influences of circumstances and other people. However, when you take a hand in it you can create a way of life that has variety and balance, one that nourishes you, enables you to feel more confident and in control, and supports you in times of stress.

Variety is the Spice of Life

When there is variety in your life you stay fresh and are better resourced. You'll shrug off the effects of a bad day at the office or at home with the baby more quickly if you have an evening class to go to. If your relationship goes wrong, the routine and focus of work can be a blessing. If a friend upsets you, the companionship of a pet can help soothe the hurt.

By having the means to change from one activity to another or from one type of experience to another you can keep a clearer perspective. Also, if one avenue closes it's not so bad if you have others available to go down.

Consider the following list of broad categories. It's not complete by any means but will serve the purposes of illustration:

Alone time
Friends/social life
Creativity (e.g. art, DIY, making music, writing)
Spiritual activity
Voluntary work/contribution
Personal growth and development

If only two or three of the above form your personal lifestyle, imagine what it would be like if one of them went wrong. If you have work and watching sport on TV as your main activities, and you lose your job or the television breaks down, proportionally you have lost 50% of your life in one stroke!

On the other hand if you have six or seven components in place, losing one isn't quite so traumatic. If you have a social life and good friends, you will also have support through times of trouble. Having many aspects of life is healthy and builds confidence and self esteem. So if your life lacks variety, see what you can do about it!

Is your life in balance?

If you are a very active person or spend a lot of time in company, try to introduce some quiet reflective time into your life. If you err towards homely pursuits, try to build in some activities that take you out more.

Are you a carer? If a large part of your life is spent caring for others, even if this is your choice, do put in some time for yourself for your own wellbeing.

Are you over-working? Take stock and see if you are neglecting your relationships. Can you allow more time for them? Conversely, if you rely on your prime relationship for all your fulfilment, you might be expecting too much from that area of your life. See if you can add some activities to do with other people or perhaps consider a part-time job. Your relationship will benefit.

Bring variety and balance into your personal lifestyle and you'll build a solid foundation which supports your individuality, your emotional wellbeing and self confidence.

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