Choose Personal Development for an Easier Life

If you ever thought of embarking on a path of personal development it's probably because you keep bumping up against the same difficulty time and time again and realise you need to change some aspect of yourself.

If you have been using the tips and techniques on this site to build self confidence and change your life, you are already engaged in this process of personal growth - although you might not have thought of it as such.

But what if you decided to grow as a person, not in response to problems, but because you have the capacity to be so much more than you are?

Life is going to give you learning experiences whether you seek them or not. That seems to be the way of things for human beings. You can either resent the imposed learning curve or choose to co-operate with it and actively look for ways in which to develop your personhood.

Make Personal Development a Conscious Choice

When you stop fighting the fact that you are going to grow, and choose this option for yourself, magic happens! Life gets easier. It's your resistance to the inevitable that makes life so hard.

You can choose your attitude. If you embrace personal growth for its own sake, a multitude of choices open up for you. Having plenty of choice feeds directly into how powerful you feel.

You may have been avoiding the niggling feelings that tell you something is wrong for a long time. One momentous day you cannot ignore them any longer because something BIG and unpleasant happens. This is the wake up call and you have to deal with the issue. It feels like an imposition or bad luck, but those signs were there to be picked up earlier.

With a willingness to be self-aware and to grow, life supports you, often in unexpected ways and it becomes possible to learn less painfully.

Self Confidence and Personal Development

Build your confidence and you will grow as a person. However, I am offering you the opportunity to choose personal growth as a higher objective which will grow your assuredness at the same time.

By broadening out your goal you will automatically be enabled to see a bigger picture with greater potentials and possibilities. This enlarged perspective will take you further and faster than mere problem solving.

Some of the features that often go with the territory are:

  • Self-awareness. Niggles and emotional discomfort signal there is something to explore, understand and attend to
  • Review of each day. Acknowledgement of both what went well and what you could improve upon given another chance
  • Action, if appropriate, on the learning e.g. apology, forgiveness
  • Telling yourself you will handle things better next time, deciding how you would act differently and remembering to do so in a similar situation
  • Trying to understand your feelings or actions, perhaps in the light of conditioning and past experiences (this analytical approach is not for everyone)
  • Always seeking to learn about what didn't go well or which caused you pain

Personal development can be positively addictive. It can become the most fulfilling activity as well as the most powerful way to change your life.

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