Kick-start your Motivation with these Hot Tips

We all lack motivation at times, and it's really frustrating not to want to do those things that will actually benefit us. When there's no get-up-and-go tiredness and boredom are sure to follow, making matters worse.

So how can you overcome inertia, experience the sensation of flow in your life, and reap the rewards of being enthused?

Here are some general motivation tips:

  • Set yourself goals you know you can achieve
  • Break tasks down into manageable steps and work through them one by one
  • Praise yourself for every small thing you accomplish
  • Make something you need to do as palatable as you can. Plan a reward for getting it done
  • Encourage yourself with positive self-talk
  • Take some aerobic exercise - throw open a window and do some old-fashioned callisthenics or dance to lively music
  • Play up-beat music, spice up your food
  • Increase your every-day pace. That way your body gets the message that you are serious about being active
  • Get up earlier than usual. Whatever you get done before your usual daily start-time feels less like a sacrifice of your time
  • Read inspirational quotes. Memorise short pithy ones and recite them as you work, or make up your own affirmations
  • Develop your spirit of adventure

So what if you are unmotivated in the business of self help? It can be hard to want to do yourself good. You may want to lose weight but your will to choose salad over fries is weak. You might want to build your self confidence but feel unkeen about doing something about it. In this case use these

Additional Tips:

  • Build your desire by creating a clear mental picture of how you want to be and what you want to be able to do
  • Regularly build on this picture (think about it every day), write the details down and cut out and keep pictures from magazines that fit the image
  • Choose a mentor (could be a friend), someone you can trust and be honest with, to support and encourage you. Confer with them regularly
  • Help keep your mind on the rewards by reading inspirational books
  • Don't focus on feelings of reluctance, tiredness etc. Don't think - just do
  • Act and speak as if you are enthusiastic
  • Don't beat yourself up for being unmotivated or for lost opportunity. Focus on personal effectiveness and moving forward differently now

Motivation is so important because it enables you to achieve what you want. It is the glue that holds the whole process together. It is also a key component to building confidence. When you follow through on a positive idea, you honour and respect yourself in a way that makes you feel powerful.

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