Exploit the Mind Body Connection, Improve your Health

Your state of mind and your health are intimately related through what is called the mind body connection. Self confidence and a positive outlook make you feel better emotionally AND they have the beneficial side-effect of improving your body’s efficiency!

Do you know that

  • Feelings of love and happiness can increase T cell production within twenty minutes, so boosting your immune system?
  • Exercise produces natural brain chemicals that reduce pain and lift your mood?
  • Meditation can reduce blood pressure, and your biological age by as much as 12 years?
These facts demonstrate the two-way connection between body and mind.

Keeping your confidence boosted, being optimistic, having a sense of direction, and setting goals that you feel able to achieve, all contribute to your good health. In this positive mental and emotional environment, your body tends to respond by providing all the energy and strength you need to follow through and reach your goals.

When you feel optimistic you naturally stand more upright and breathe more deeply. All of your body’s systems therefore function more efficiently with better circulation, oxygen utilisation and enhanced immune system. This is a natural cause and effect.

However, there is so much more you can do for yourself when you actively exploit the mind body connection to improve your health. Learn these simple tips and techniques and make a big difference to how you feel.

Make good health your goal

Many pages on this website are devoted to how you can use your mind to change how you feel and achieve your goals. You can also apply the mind in a consciously directed way to enhance your health and wellbeing and to promote healing. Good health or recovery from illness can be goals too.

Illness, feeling unwell or being in pain can quite understandably, lower the spirits, make one feel tired and depressed. Unfortunately, the connection between mind and body can work against us here because feeling pessimistic and miserable can slow down the healing process.

However, you can harness the power of your mind to strengthen your body’s own healing mechanisms and take an active part in your own healing. Being proactive in this way raises the spirits and speeds the process.

Being ill can also represent a loss of power, particularly if it is prolonged. By taking control and employing strategies for getting well you are reclaiming your power and aligning yourself with wellness rather than illness. Find out how mental techniques can help you.

By using techniques that utilise the mind body connection, both when you are well and in times of illness, you can enjoy greater health and empowerment. You can develop confidence in your own body and its ability to make and keep you well.

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