Speed Healing with Mental Techniques

This page offers a healing strategy with mental techniques for speeding up recovery and restoring trust and confidence in your body.

We are all somewhere on a line between vigorously healthy and seriously ill. No matter where you consider yourself to be along that continuum, you can build on your health and wellbeing, and make a positive difference to how you feel.

It's limiting to think of health and illness as two separate states of being. They flow into one another, so that if you are 40% ill, you are also 60% healthy and vice versa. The mind and the body are not separate either. They flow into one another through the mind body connection .

The fluid nature of health and illness, mind and body, makes it possible to improve your health and aid recovery during illness, using the power of your mind. Our healing strategy will be based on the following mental techniques:

  • Thinking positive health-producing thoughts
  • Setting health goals
  • Positive visualisation
  • Using your intuition

Think Positive Healthy Thoughts

Your body responds to thoughts and feelings and will try to align itself with them. Think about health rather than illness and you will start to feel better. Embed specific health-producing ideas in your unconscious mind and you can enhance your body's healing process.

Let's take the first point about focussing on the positive rather than the negative. Your condition may have a recognised medical name and you may be acutely aware of painful or unpleasant symptoms, but it is not the whole truth. While you are alive, you have a measure of health. Focus on that and build on it by mentally expressing gratitude for the degree of health that you have and acknowledge your blessings every day.

To actively promote your return to good health use the mental technique of affirmations such as those listed on the health and fitness page. Affirm that you are getting better every day in every way. Create your own phrases to suit your situation and say them either out loud, or strongly in your mind, each day.

If you have got into the habit of negative thinking and need additional help, read more about making your self-talk positive.

Speak no evil....

Many people derive pleasure from discussing all the gory details of their complaint, thus cementing the idea of illness. If you must refer to your situation, speak of it in as positive terms as you can. If someone asks how you are, knowing that you are not in the best of health, you can say something along the lines of "I'm getting better all the time" or "I shall be fighting fit soon".

Hear no evil....

The various systems responsible for our health are under the regulation of the unconscious mind. Mental techniques influence the unconscious mind. So keeping your mind focussed on health and repeating positive affirmations gives a clear message that you want your body to be well. Your unconscious mind will hear, and pass the message along, and your body will do its best to make you well.

Make Radiant Health your Goal

Determine to be healthy. Being proactive about getting well makes your recovery dynamic, rather than a passive process you merely surrender to. One of the benefits is that you gain some power and control over your situation. It can also make you feel more energised in a positive way which is valuable in the recovery process.

One of the most powerful mental techniques is goal setting. Be proactive about your recovery by setting goals for when you are well again. Plan something you can look forward to, say a fortnight hence, and your unconscious mind will work towards you being well enough to do this. In the case of more serious or chronic illness, setting suitable goals for each week, month and into the next year creates hope and optimism and makes it more likely that you'll be fit enough to achieve these goals.

It can also be appropriate to set daily goals where it's a case of rebuilding your strength during a period of convalescence. Aim to gently stretch yourself so you can experience gradual progress. Don't over-stretch as this would be counter-productive.

Visualisation, the King of Mental Techniques

As well as using positive, healthful language in your self-talk and in your spoken words, there is one further channel of communication you can use to convey to your unconscious mind that you want it to make you well.

The unconscious mind is particularly receptive to the mental pictures you hold in your conscious mind. That's why it's important to visualise positive outcomes, especially where your health is concerned.

Imagine a time in the past when you were really fit and well. It doesn't matter how far back you have to go since it is the associated feelings that are important. In your reverie become that healthy person and experience how it feels. Savour the feelings of strength, youthfulness, vitality, mobility etc. that belong to that memory. As you re-experience good health in your visualisation you help your body to re-create that in the present.

If you prefer, you can visualise yourself in the future at a new level of fitness and health, but remember to experience healthy feelings from within your own future self. Don't observe them from outside.

Using Your Intuition

Of course intuition is a natural gift, but it is underused. I have included it among the mental techniques because it offers so much when used purposefully. On the health and fitness page I discussed listening to your body and acting on the information it gives you. If you have not already read this, take a look now.

When you are ill, your body may send out valuable messages which, once understood, can promote your healing. By being aware and using your intuition you may discern what your body is trying to tell you. This may be about:

  • The causes of your ill-health
  • The meaning of your illness
  • Aids to healing
You may think that illness just happens and health is a lottery, but there is ample evidence to show that some illnesses at least are not random, nor down to our genes.

Possible causes of ill-health

Being run down through overwork for instance, can certainly lower the immune system and make one susceptible to any passing germs.

Persistently feeling that your partner is a pain in the neck can actually produce neck problems. You had better take notice of this message and address it, or the pain killers and the osteopath might not be sufficient to rectify the problem!

I was fascinated once when a friend told me of a very distasteful occurrence that she was finding "hard to stomach". Her hand was on her tummy as she spoke. She had a digestive problem that was not responding to treatment. As she processed her emotions, her stomach also recovered.

If you use this mental technique of listening to your body, you may receive valuable insight into the nature of your illness. It may point out issues that need to be addressed in order for you to be well again.

Does your illness have meaning?

The meaning of an illness can sometimes indicate the need for a lifestyle change. Being ill can make us take stock, learn from limitation, be more empathetic toward others. Sometimes the meaning can reveal itself as a 'secondary gain'. You might discover that your ill-health protects you from something more threatening, unpleasant or difficult. It might mean you get sympathy and permission to stay in bed, or your favourite food.

When you make changes based on the meaning of your ill-health you will have less or no need to be unwell, and you will improve. Learning from these experiences helps you to grow and enriches your life.

Aids to healing

When you apply the mental techniques and listen to your body, practical ideas for your comfort may present themselves to you. Remedies may come to mind that can help in the present predicament, beyond those prescribed by your doctor.

Certain foods, nutrients, exercises, actions may suggest themselves and be found useful. Aids to healing could be anything from eliminating eggs from your diet to consulting a different specialist or looking up your condition on the internet. So keep an open mind.

None of the tips or techniques on this website are intended as a substitute for seeking medical advice. They can be used to complement and enhance an orthodox approach. If you are unwell, do consult your doctor.

Apply these mental techniques with an open mind and you may be surprised at how effective they are in assisting you back to health. As you develop communication between your mind and body with the techniques both on this page and that of health and fitness , you will have greater confidence in your body and your health.

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