Boost your Learning Power with Music

Learning can be painful, and putting on some background music to soothe or encourage you while you do homework or try to assimilate new information can be an instinctive thing to do - but were you aware that certain types of music actually enhance the process?

I can remember my maths teacher getting the class to sing mathematical formulae to the tune of Three Blind Mice which seemed to print them indelibly on our minds. Perhaps she knew that it's easier to absorb information when you use both sides of the brain.

Baroque Music Delivers!

Dr. Georgi Lozanov, a Bulgarian educator and psychologist, developed a method for teaching foreign languages which incorporated baroque music. He found that students picked things up amazingly quickly. In one day, half of the normal vocabulary and phrases for the term could be committed to memory, with a retention rate of around 92%.

Baroque music with its measured stately sound at sixty beats per minute is soothing. It is frequently piped into medical and dental surgeries to keep people calm. The brain is more retentive too when the body is relaxed and the mind tranquil.

The 'Mozart Effect'

The 'Mozart Effect', about which a well-known book has been written, claims many benefits arising from listening to Mozart: improved test scores, creativity and clarity, a reduction in the time taken to absorb information and number of errors, calmed hyperactivity. According to Don Campbell who wrote the book, certain musical pieces can relieve stress, improve communication and increase efficiency.

But I don't like Classical Music!

Not everyone likes classical music and fortunately there are many modern alternatives. People like Steven Halpern have produced music to induce different helpful states of mind. Much of the New Age music employs the sixty-beats-a-minute formula which enhances receptivity.

If you have been using music as an anaesthetic or a distraction from your studies, why not look for music that can help you do what you have to do more quickly and easily. Experiment, and find the right choice of music to boost your learning confidence.

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