Learn the Art of Hypnotic Suggestion

'Hypnotic suggestion' sounds rather arcane, I know, and perhaps you tend to think of it in terms of one person using it to gain control over somebody else. How can it apply in self hypnosis? Let's try and demystify this a little....

We bombard ourselves with suggestions or messages all of the time. However they are not always helpful or empowering. Things like 'I'll never do it' or 'I'm stupid' or 'I am not a confident person' are often said unwittingly but they can undermine us nevertheless.

Such is the negative power of suggestion! So what messages do you want to deliver to your unconscious mind? How do you want to change? The same principle of talking to yourself, applied while you are in self hypnosis, can be used in a positive way to effect the changes you want.

You may wish to read about, or refresh your understanding of self-talk as a technique, which has special relevance at this stage of designing your own self hypnosis session.

If you have read and followed the guidance in Self Help you will have formed your goals and written them down. You now need to translate these into words and pictures that your unconscious mind will understand and act upon.

Verbal Hypnotic Suggestion

Create affirmations - short, easily remembered sentences - that embody your message. Phrase them in the present tense. Instead of: 'I want to be really confident', use 'I am a really confident person' or better still: 'I am becoming more and more confident every day'.

Don't use negative words or you will get the reverse of what you want. 'I am no longer frightened' will NOT work in your favour, while 'I am filled with courage' WILL.

Compose a number of suggestions for each goal, expressing the different aspects of what you want to create. You may wish to have one or two general affirmations as well as some more specific ones. Your own words have the most power, so use language that is most natural for you.

The use of 'I' and 'I am' in verbal suggestions is perhaps the most usual form of expression. However, if you find it difficult to express yourself in this way during normal conversation, you may get on better with speaking to yourself using 'you' and 'you are'.

Imagery as Hypnotic Suggestion

Create scenes where you are demonstrating the qualities or performing the actions you are looking for. If you wish to be confident when you speak at a forthcoming meeting, imagine being there, performing in the way you want. Be sure to include your feelings of confidence and success and any other positive emotions. Include also the responses from other people in the scene as they reflect back respect for you and your competence and skill.

Extend each scene to just after the event and fully enjoy the feelings of success and accomplishment.

Of course you might choose visualisations from elsewhere on the site such as the Confidence Builder or the Rehearsal as suggestions for your self hypnosis session if they are appropriate.

Always be a participator in your scenes. It is not going to work if you merely observe yourself from the sidelines. Whereas affirmations may be repeated several times in a session, you need go through each of the scenes only once.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

Just before the end of your session you can implant the idea that the next session will be even more powerful along the lines of: 'The next time I enter the hypnotic state, I will do so more quickly and more deeply than I have done today'.

Before you begin the process of coming back to normal wakeful consciousness you can also suggest that when you have done so, you will feel refreshed and alert, and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

When you have decided on the hypnotic suggestions you are going to be using in your self hypnosis session, write them down clearly and in some detail. For the finishing touches, click on this link for an example of a

fully scripted session.

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