Gain Confidence with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a process which can be used to increase self confidence. By positively altering feelings, thoughts and behaviours, it can help you effect the changes you want both within yourself and in your life.

The 'hypno' part of the word refers to the altered state of consciousness you allow yourself to enter, making you more receptive to suggestion. The 'therapy' part refers to the healing or life-changing element, which should be designed to suit your individual needs and situation. Hypnotherapy therefore has two main objectives: to increase receptivity, and address the condition.

There are three ways of receiving this therapy:

  • Using self hypnosis
  • Listening to CDs made for the purpose (see Resources)
  • Via the services of a qualified professional

You'll find everything you need to know about self hypnosis and how to perform it, by clicking on this link. For the rest of this page I am going to focus specifically on hypnotherapy that you might receive from a trained therapist.

Why go to a Hypnotherapist?

Sometimes, and for some people, getting professional help is the option of choice. There is a great deal one can accomplish by oneself - this site is dedicated to empowering people through building confidence using self help. However, you might consider going to a hypnotherapist under the following circumstances:

Despite your best efforts, you are making little progress with self help methods. It could be that there is strong resistance at an unconscious level to making the changes you want. Sometimes there is a hidden advantage in staying the same, which might be operating without your conscious knowledge. This can sabotage your good intentions. Hypnotherapy from a professional may be needed to overcome this in order for you to achieve positive change.

Your history has greatly and deeply damaged or undermined you. There may be particular issues that you need to address in order to progress. A therapist can help you deal with these.

You are not motivated to work entirely on your own. You may feel you would manage better with another person to support and encourage you, and provide feedback.

If you decide to go for therapy, go for it wholeheartedly. There should be no feeling of disappointment in yourself for not going it alone.

What form will a Hypnotherapy Session Take?

A typical treatment session may follow the same broad lines as those for self hypnosis where relaxation and deepeners are part of the induction process. These however, can take many forms, may be delivered in a variety of ways and with differing levels of subtlety.

Direct suggestions may be used in the session, but the therapist may also embed hidden ones. There is nothing sinister in this. It is a way of bypassing your critical sensor so that positive suggestions may be absorbed more readily by the unconscious mind. It may take the form of emphasis being placed on certain words, the use of double meanings and metaphor, and stories with particular meaning for you, the client.

Such is the effectiveness of indirect suggestion, that a whole branch of hypnotherapy has evolved around it. Many therapists are influenced by the indirect methods pioneered by a man called Milton Erickson. A hypnotherapist specifically trained in this orientation may say they use an Ericksonian approach or technique.

If visualisation plays a part in the session, it may be similar to the individual visualisations on this site. On the other hand, they may take a completely different form. Some hypnotherapists make use of something called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP for short) which offers powerful visualisation techniques to effect change in their clients. Therapists may be trained practitioners of NLP and bear these letters after their name.

The Importance of Finding the Right Therapist

It is impossible to know in advance exactly what you will encounter in a hypnotherapy session and how you will respond to it. A good hypnotherapist will have been trained in many techniques. They will use those they judge most suitable for you, and which will facilitate the changes you ask for.

It is vitally important that you feel comfortable with your chosen therapist and that you trust them. It is absolutely essential therefore that you find the right hypnotherapist for you. Click here for tips on how to go about this.

Will Therapy Work better than Self Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is not better than self hypnosis. The two approaches overlap in some respects and differ in others, but their aim is the same. They are agents of change.

One obvious difference is that when you go to a therapist you don't speak mentally to yourself because another person is doing that for you. Because of this, it may be possible to enter an even more profound state of hypnosis. Remember though, that deeper doesn't necessarily mean better. Change can still happen in light trance states.

There is perhaps less effort involved in the actual session than with self hypnosis, but do not be deceived into thinking hypnotherapy is a soft option. You will still have to work by yourself between sessions. You may be required to perform self hypnosis at home or listen to a tape, and there will probably be tasks set for homework so the newly implanted ideas can be cemented in live situations.

Having been a hypnotherapist myself, I know that for some clients the therapeutic relationship itself can have a healing effect. This can be so particularly when there is a history of damaging relationships in the past which are contributing to the current problem. This is a unique contribution that self hypnosis cannot make.

If you are thinking of trying hypnotherapy, consider which route you are going to go to receive it. If you want to try self hypnosis, then really commit to using the free self help offered on this site. Take the time to learn the techniques and be patient. Don't just dabble.

If you decide to work with CDs, commit to finding the most suitable ones to suit you and your situation. Use them regularly. You can increase their effectiveness by working with the self help tips and techniques on the site.

Finally, if you elect to receive hypnotherapy from a therapist, go for it. Engage fully with the process and give it your best shot. Please do not use the information on this page to try and analyse your sessions. Find a therapist you can trust and go with the flow.

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