Three Simple Ways to Induce Hypnosis

If you haven't experienced hypnosis yet, you are probably wondering what it will be like. Although the subject has been shrouded by a certain mystique, you'll find entering an altered state of awareness a natural and very pleasant sensation.

Have you ever sat in front of a fire watching the flames, found yourself drifting into a deepening state of relaxation and dreamy space? Ever stood by a window staring out at the falling rain and become absorbed in the moment, all sense of time suspended? That's hypnosis! Except in both instances you fell into it by accident!

That's right, this altered state of awareness is a natural phenomenon that you can learn to induce deliberately.

What you are going to learn about here is how to induce this pleasant state at will and deepen the experience. Relaxation is the first stage. Once you are comfortably relaxed you are ready to apply a deepener. Three techniques for deepening are described below. Usually, you will use only one in each session.

Deepener #1 Counting Down

Having entered a very relaxed state you now induce hypnosis by mentally telling yourself you are going to count down from ten to one, and with each descending number you are going to feel more and more relaxed.

You then mentally count down slowly: 'ten.... nine.... eight, going deeper.... seven.... six, deeper and deeper.... five.... four, deeper still.... three.... two.... one, deeply relaxed.'

Deepener #2 Breathing

Tell yourself that you are going to take five deep slow breaths and on each outbreath you are going to relax deeper and deeper into a hypnotic state.

You then take the first breath, and as you breathe out slowly, focus on relaxing your body. Repeat for each of the remaining outbreaths. As you become more practised and familiar with this deepener, you will be able to add phrases such as: 'deeper relaxed', or 'deep down relaxed' each time you breathe out.

Deepener #3 Imagery

Imagine you are standing somewhere beautiful and in front of you, leading downwards, is a staircase which has ten steps. It can be in or out of doors.

Tell yourself that you are going to go down the staircase and with each step, you are going to relax deeper and deeper as you go down.

You then slowly descend the staircase, mentally counting down as you go. Feel yourself become more and more relaxed with every step as you enter the state of hypnosis.

You can use an elevator instead of a staircase if you wish, and count the ten floors down.

Make sure you are comfortably relaxed BEFORE you begin any hypnotic induction. If you need to relax some more at this stage, you could spend some time imagining yourself walking round a lovely garden, lying on a sunny beach or being in some other place of relaxation, before counting down, performing the breathing deepener or descending the staircase.

As with all imagery, make your mental pictures as vivid as possible. Use all of your senses in imagination: hearing, sight, touch and feel. The senses of taste and smell are good too, but many people find these more difficult. Using your imagination in this way actually facilitates entry into the hypnotic state.

When you are deeply relaxed and have entered a really pleasant space, you are ready to do the inner work you came here to do. That's all there is to inducing self hypnosis. Now you are ready to apply the suggestions that will help you make the changes you want. Click here for ideas about how to frame your


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