A Model Self Hypnosis Session

Before proceeding with your first self hypnosis session, let's just check that you have everything you need. You have your goals translated into a 'script' which contains affirmations and mind pictures. You've committed to memory your relaxation technique , chosen the deepener you are going to use, and planned your ending.

When you have written everything down, it might look something like the sample session below. If it seems a lot to remember in the session, don't worry. See the tips at the end for how to break the task down into easy steps.

Preparation for my hypnosis session

Switch off the phone
Get blanket
Set up music


Relax from the feet upwards (clench, hold, then release each set of muscles in turn).

Affirmations as my body sinks down into the floor: 'My limbs are loose and limp. My body feels loose and limp'.

Wave of relaxation flowing downwards throughout the whole body.


#3 Imagery: Walking in fields. Gentle breeze blowing through my hair. Ground feels springy underfoot. Smells fresh and green. Sound of birds singing and running stream. I feel relaxed, happy and uplifted.

The ground falls away to a lower level with ten steps down to it.

Suggestion: 'With each step I am going down, I'm going to relax deeper and deeper as I enter a state of hypnosis'.

As I actually descend: 'deeper and deeper relaxed'.

Suggestions for my hypnosis session

General affirmations: to be repeated x5 (the number is up to you)

I believe in myself and in my abilities
I know I have the courage to meet every challenge
I am confident and optimistic about my future
I love and approve of myself

Specific affirmations: to be repeated x5

I am liked and appreciated for my excellent qualities
I attract good friends who accept me
I converse with people easily and effortlessly
I express myself and my opinions with confidence
I remain steady and confident in the presence of authority
I interact easily and confidently with colleagues


Scene #1: Visualise a social situation in a bar with friends. I am feeling confident and at ease, just as I do when I am with my family. As I speak, people are listening to me and respect my opinions. I am able to be myself and express how I feel. My friends and I are laughing and enjoying ourselves. I go to the bar and confidently order drinks. The barman smiles at me.

At home in bed later on, I am in a happy glow with how the evening went. I am proud of myself for being able to socialise with confidence.

Scene #2: Visualise a day at the office. I am in control and feeling confident. A meeting is called and I take this in my stride. All my colleagues are in the room including my boss, and I feel perfectly comfortable. When I have something to say, I confidently speak out and my opinion is accepted and respected. Not everyone agrees, but I know this is no reflection on my excellent qualities.

Afterwards, I am feeling my handling of the meeting was a complete success and I feel good about myself.

Coming out of my hypnosis session (post hypnotic suggestions)

'In a few moments time I'll be counting up from one to ten, and as I count up from one to ten, I'll gradually become more awake, more alert and refreshed with each increasing number.'

'The next time I enter the hypnotic state, I will do so much more quickly and more deeply than I have done today'.

'One... two... three.... coming up now.... four... five... six.... more awake, more alert.... seven... eight... coming right up now... nine... ten, fully wide awake now'.

Open eyes and maybe stretch and take a few deep breaths.

Your self hypnosis session may take between 10 and 20 minutes and can be performed once or twice a day. There is no rule about how long it should be. Quality and regularity are everything so if you have a good session once every three days, that is preferable to rushing through it more often.

Try and avoid doing self hypnosis when you are tired because you won't make your suggestions stick if you drift off..... Also, a heavy meal beforehand will tie up your energies in the digestive process, making it a less good time to practise.

Creating a written plan helps cement in your mind the stages you'll go through as you induce self hypnosis, and the order of those stages. It will also give you a chance to think through your scenes a bit before using them. It is NOT intended as a permanent crutch for your memory!

You may need to refer to the written plan during your hypnosis session the first couple of times. However, it's only when the procedure becomes second nature, that you'll reap the full benefits of it. So commit to memory as much of your plan as you can. You may always have a written plan, but learn to do without it in the session as soon as possible.

Once you have mastered the process, you'll want to vary things so you don't get bored. Change the deepener, the affirmations and the scenes as appropriate - not necessarily all at once - so the experience remains fresh and holds your attention.


#1: An excellent idea is to build up to a full hypnosis session over a few days, learning to do each stage as a separate module. Your goals may look like this:

Day one: practise the relaxation to learn the order in which to proceed, and become familiar with the sensations.

Also on day one, but separate from the relaxation, read either out loud or silently, the affirmations you have prepared so that they too become familiar and more easily remembered.

Day two: perform the relaxation and follow on with your chosen deepener. Enjoy the deepened state for a few minutes before giving yourself the post hypnotic suggestions and coming back.

Also on day two, outside of the relaxation and deepening, read your affirmations and their repetitions through.

Day three: begin with the relaxation, follow on with the deepener and continue with your scenes before giving yourself the post hypnotic suggestions and coming back.

Also on day three, outside of the hypnosis session, read your affirmations and their repetitions. You'll probably find you remember them better by now.

Day four: it's now time to perform the entire session, including your affirmations at the suggestions stage.

#2: An alternative is to write yourself a script for the whole self hypnosis session, make an audio recording, and play it back to yourself each time. You may wish to address yourself in the form of 'you' and 'you are'. It can be very powerful hearing your own voice in this way.

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