The Root of All Happiness is Self Confidence

Human happiness tends to depend on there being sufficient love, security, freedom, and meaning in our lives. This translates into having free choice, having enough of what we want, feeling good enough, perceiving ourselves as lovable, and having a sense of purpose.

Ask yourself what would make you happier?

More money?
A more rewarding job?
Bigger house? Different lifestyle?
A relationship?
Improved health and wellbeing?
Being at peace with yourself?
Feeling more powerful?
Being more decisive?

Usually, all it takes to obtain what you want is greater confidence, belief in yourself, and trust in the world outside of you.

Making Things Happen

If being wealthier will make you happy, you'll need to be confident in your ability to make more money - or you won't get around to looking at HOW you might do this.

Similarly, if you want a bigger house, you will need confidence that you can generate the income necessary to buy it, or the certainty that you can find what you want at a knockdown price - or it will remain a dream.

To create a different lifestyle you must believe you can change your present situation. You'll need to be confident in your skills and attractions to apply for a better job, or to go out and find a hobby or a relationship.

Self confidence produces the feeling that you CAN succeed. It enables you to take necessary decisions and motivates you to act to achieve your goals.

Knowing you are Good Enough

Being at peace with yourself often means being confident you are good enough, trusting that you are safe, and forgiving yourself. If you are looking for a relationship, self worth and the belief that you are lovable, are key to finding happiness in love. If getting a social life is what you want, this requires confidence too. Without it you aren't going to get out of the door to make friends with all those lovely people out there.

Improving your health and wellbeing means you must either have confidence in the doctor and his prescriptions and/or in your own body's healing capabilities. Having confidence in your body helps it to perform better too.

Self confidence makes you feel ok about yourself, helps you feel secure and able to rely on yourself and your personal resources.

All that is good and desirable in life begins with self confidence. Developing this one personal resource will have far-reaching effects in manifesting those changes you want, both in yourself and in your life.

No matter what your start point, you'll find all you need to know on this website to improve the quality of your life. Begin your journey to happiness now...

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