Creating Wealth Can Build Your Confidence

Creating wealth is one way of building self confidence. Solving monetary problems can go a long way to establish or restore a person's confidence. Having an abundance of money makes it easier to do the things you want and lead the life you desire. It can provide you with infinite choice and put you in touch with your personal power.

It is hard to feel empowered when you struggle to pay your bills! Your sense of security can be seriously affected if you feel poor and doubt your ability to generate the money you need. Many people find themselves drawn into a downward spiral of worry, fear and despair about their finances that is difficult to get out of.

When you do have enough money you gain a feeling of being in control. You are able to meet your needs, feed your desires, enrich your life and provide for others. You choose and decide on your expenditure, so it is a medium of self expression too. It's no surprise then that having sufficient wealth tends to raise your level of confidence.

So how do you go about creating wealth when you don't have enough?

Become a magnet to wealth, good fortune and opportunities

Successful people radiate an aura of power and confidence which seems to attract even more wealth and opportunity to them. This may seem unfair. People who feel poor and worn down by life, on the other hand, often emanate a sense of gloom, futility or hopelessness. Although understandable, this type of energy actually repels good fortune and interferes with the mechanisms through which money can come in.

The quickest way to turn your financial circumstances around is to change your own attitude and become a magnet to attract all the good things you want. When you put out the energy of someone who is wealthy, successful etc. you open the door to those gifts, promotion or business opportunities that can change your situation and make you successful. This is the first stage of creating wealth.

Change your mind with these powerful techniques

Click on the link to read about a proven technique to enable you to think positively by changing your self-talk. This is fundamental to becoming confident in the financial area of your life. There is also a section on how to use your mind's visualising power to your advantage. The pictures you carry in your mind, the thoughts you have and the words you use (both in your mind and out loud), can all be used to make you a magnet to wealth.

Once you are familiar with these two powerful techniques, the next stage of creating wealth is to use them together with specific affirmations and visualisations for attracting money into your life. You deserve to have the confidence and personal power that comes with financial abundance. Use affirmations and visualisation regularly and you will become a magnet to wealth and abundant living.

Write down what you want to come into your life

Another aspect of creating wealth is to be very clear about what you want to manifest, and write it down. If it's a sum of money or a level of income, think about the actual amount, the feelings having it would produce, what it would enable you to buy or do - and write it all down. Refer to your list every day and revise it, making it ever clearer.

You may write down things like: a new house or a new job. Think about what that would look and feel like. If it's a home, what qualities it should have, where would it be situated, how many rooms, big garden, nice neighbours and so on. If you want a new job, think about what sort of work and environment would be ideal, how much it will pay, its prospects, and what sort of people you would wish to work with.

Turn over in your mind several times a day thoughts and pictures of what you want to manifest in your life. Also think of the world as being unlimited in what it can provide, so include others (family, friends, mankind) in the general good you seek to attract.

Bless the money you spend

When you are feeling the pinch you probably feel the pain of parting with this diminishing resource whenever you have to pay a bill or buy some bread.

Stop shopping becoming a nightmare of juggling priorities and economic strategy by changing your mindset. Start creating wealth by blessing the money you spend. Think of it as a vehicle to spread love, joy and abundance to all those whose hands it passes through. This takes the sting out of spending and attaches a positive, generous, rich emotion to it - and makes you more magnetic to wealth!

You do not have to be religious to bless money but let the thoughts and feelings come from your heart. You add value to the sums you send out into the world and you can 'magnetise' them to return to you tenfold in value by using a money affirmation. Get ready to receive

Part of creating wealth is preparing yourself to receive it. Do everything in accordance with the belief that the Universe will provide you with what you have asked for, or something even better. This might mean grooming yourself in readiness, spending as though money is going to be shortly replaced, or having faith as you pursue a business idea. Keep your thoughts on wealth coming IN rather than it going out, and feel expectant.

Look at your list and do what you can to give you something of the feeling of richness you desire. If you want promotion or a better job, you might buy a new suit to reflect your new status and wear it to get into your new role. If you want money for a new kitchen you might spring-clean your existing one and buy a new kettle to symbolise the upgrade you want.

Creating wealth is a skill which can be learned. You too can learn and grow in wealth and confidence. Remember, the only limit to wealth creation is the one you set in your mind, so make sure you set it high!

Affirmations and Visualisations for Wealth

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