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Confidence techniques are the best tools to help you become happy with who you are, fulfilled through what you do, and to live successfully. This is the hub where you'll be building the solid foundation of your self confidence.

The core techniques on the site are based on some facts which, when you know them, give you far more power to change than you ever dreamed of. Let's look at the facts now....

Your thoughts directly affect how you feel

I'm sure you've noticed that thinking about poverty, death, or the state of the world, can lower your spirits, and that thoughts of holidays, romance or winning the lottery tend to uplift them.

The way you think about yourself and the world has a profound effect on how you feel too. By changing your thoughts you can change how you feel. The confidence techniques will help you do this and build your inner security and confidence.

What you tell yourself becomes what you believe

If you repeatedly tell yourself that you are afraid, useless, ugly, this will become established as your belief and part of your self image. It will negatively affect how you feel about yourself and your performance. You can alter your self belief by changing the messages you give yourself.

When you tell yourself that you have courage, that you are powerful, attractive, this feeds your confidence and self esteem. The powerful self-talk technique enables you to build a positive self belief that empowers you.

What you visualise, your unconscious mind works towards

Words have power. Mental pictures have even greater power because they communicate directly with the unconscious mind. By creating clear images of what you want, you can bring the full power of your mind to work on manifesting it. A very useful tool when you want to build confidence!

Visualise falling off a log while you are walking along one, or before you do so, and you increase your chances of doing just that. Imagine keeping your balance, and the likelihood is you'll walk the whole length of the log without falling off.

Of all the confidence-building techniques, visualisation is the most magical. It is based on scientific fact, but the wonder of this powerful tool continues to amaze me. By the way, don't worry if you are not a particularly visual person. Mental imagery includes all of the senses, so you can do it by sound or feel just as well.

The mind-based techniques above form the core of the confidence techniques. They involve changing your thoughts, self-talk and mental pictures by processes which take place internally.

Active Techniques

Other techniques for building confidence go beyond the mind and involve some sort of activity. You can use many of the active techniques while you are going about the daily business of your life. Effective in their own right, they are best used in combination with the internally focussed methods outlined above.

Every one of the confidence techniques is capable of yielding excellent results. You will get the results you want once you understand the principles and apply them in the right way. At first, while you are learning, you may wish to focus on just one of the techniques at a time and build up from that.

Have you made your plan yet? For tips on how to create your own unique approach to confidence-building, click here. Feeling blocked? Read about blocks to change and how to deal with them.

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