Build Self Confidence, the Plan

To build self confidence you need a plan that draws together all the relevant information on this site in a way that is appropriate for you. Here are a few pointers to help you make the plan that will suit your particular needs. Pick, sort, customise, and your individual plan will evolve.

Prepare your Mind, Set your Goal

The Self Help section helps you prepare the way to build self confidence by creating the right mindset and setting goals. If you have not been there yet, take the time to go now.

Once you have a goal, you know what you are aiming for. When you've broken it down into small manageable steps, you will have mapped your unique route to achieving that goal. Writing it down helps you maintain direction and is a commitment to yourself.

Gather your Resources

Now is the time to scour every inch of the site, jotting down those tips and techniques you feel will help you the most. Don't forget there are more tips in the skills section. Dip into the activities and resources too. Extract everything of importance to you and your goal.

Imagine you are making a nutritious meal for yourself designed to build you up. It will contain essential proteins, a selection of healthy vegetables, some carbohydrate, something of what you like, and a topping of tasty sauce. In other words, don't make building self confidence a stodgy business! It can be healthy and enjoyable too.

Bring it all Together

Look at the steps that comprise your goal and decide which combination of tips and techniques will be the most helpful to you. Some of them, particularly the core techniques, you'll want to set in motion right at the beginning and carry on through. Others you'll introduce to help you succeed at certain stages.

Note down which pieces of information are relevant to the particular areas in which you want to build self confidence. Add some activities and resources, and even print off a poem to stick on your fridge.

Recognition and Praise

As you complete each step toward your goal, do by all means tick it off, but don't forget to give yourself full recognition for each success, and praise yourself. It will help to review your list regularly and to modify it as necessary as you go along.

Each part of this process of building self confidence is equally important, so please do not leave anything out just because it feels uncomfortable. Everything gets easier with practice. If you haven't already done so, check out activities that take the pain out of change.

Activities to Take the Pain Out of Change
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