Seek Adventure - Say YES! to Life

Where is your your sense of adventure? Pushing out personal boundaries is important for building and maintaining self confidence and for increasing motivation. It's also a powerful way of saying YES! to life and accessing some of the higher states of wellbeing.

Excitement, being on the edge of fear, accelerated heartbeat, a sense of daring, risking, taking a chance.... You may already be familiar with some of these sensations - and experience them as negative. However, bringing an adventurous spirit to your daily living can transform your anxieties into a real zest for life.

Have you ever thought how similar the emotion of excitement is to anxiety? Both produce increased pulse rate and rushes of adrenaline. However, one vital difference is that pure fear can overwhelm, while excitement has a buoying up effect even when you are nervous.

Let your Spirit of Adventure take you Forward

Anxiety or lack of motivation act as a brake on life and can stop you doing those things that will bring happiness or reward. Feelings of excitement, on the other hand, make it easier to be bold and to live life to the full.

When you achieve what you didn't know you were capable of, you prove your personal power. When you go where you thought you never would, you demonstrate your flexibility and ability to cope with the unknown. When you face your fears and come out the other side, you build trust in yourself and in the outer world.

Whatever your present level of comfort with challenge and change you can go one step beyond into a new zone of experience for you. There are opportunities every day to be more adventurous, for you to extend yourself, to be bold and to risk, but you have to look for them.

It might mean saying 'yes' instead of 'no' to an invitation, giving an opinion when you usually remain quiet or trying a different brand of beer... Only you will know what represents that extra step for you to take.

Trips and holidays can be those times you choose to go somewhere unfamiliar, do something different and be more spontaneous. If you haven't done scuba diving or eaten squid before, go for it! How can you know if you will love or hate something until you've tried it?

Developing a healthy sense of adventure will pay huge dividends in building your confidence and self reliance. As you say YES! to life over and over again you'll be more motivated and transform your anxieties into rich rewarding experience.

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