The Story Behind the Making of this Website

If, like me, you have information you want to share with the world or you have a product to sell, creating your own website could be the solution for you.

Building a successful website does not have to be difficult. I did it without any special knowledge and you could too. Let me share with you how the making of this site came about....

I wanted a platform for sharing my knowledge and experience...

I had retired from being a therapist but still had an interest in helping people. All the knowledge and experience I'd gained along my path could be of use to so many people if I could only reach them. A website seemed the obvious answer. I considered writing a book, but the immediacy of the internet and the far wider audience it can command won out. There would be no problems with editors and publishers either, and I could save a tree or two in the process!

A website could provide streams of income in the future

My husband and I chose to leave our regular jobs in order to create a new life for ourselves. Because of this we would eventually need to create an income - and one that could be maintained into later life. A website could be a key part of that solution, I reasoned.

I wanted to work from home and preserve my lifestyle...

My husband and I enjoy our lifestyle. When the sun is shining we can be spontaneous and go for a walk or take a trip away without the constraints that come with being in employment. To keep this way of life, we needed the flexibility of working from home.

... and be able to continue my work wherever I was in the world

As well as working from home we needed to be able to maintain our business even when we were away. A laptop now accompanies us whenever we go on one of our trips and our 'office' travels with us.

These were the criteria for choosing to have a website but the question then was: how do I go about getting one? Where do I go from here?

I didn't want to spend thousands of pounds....

I did NOT want to pay someone thousands of pounds for designing a beautiful website, as some of my friends had done, only to find no one came to it, but I had absolutely no idea about how to build one myself, and knew even less about traffic building.

... and I didn't want to spend time learning html

So I researched on the Net and found the company that helped me build this website. They took care of all the technical side of things, leaving me free to do my creative bit - without a single whiff of html! Of course I put a lot of work into writing and arranging my material but the process of building the website was a surprisingly easy process.

Sitesell has a great reputation and they have never let me down. Their Site Build It! product is highly affordable and represents exceptional value for money.

Everything I needed was in one great package

Following the day-by-day Action Guide and using the powerful tools provided by Sitesell I embarked on a journey which gave me tremendous satisfaction and feelings of success. When I had questions the friendly and informative forums came to my rescue. What could have been a lonely undertaking never seemed so because of the warm online community spirit.

Everything I needed was there - the technology, knowledge base, tools, guidance and support. Sitesell really enabled me to fulfil my dream. It gives me genuine pleasure to recommend the Site Build It! product to anyone who wants to build their own website or online business.

Find out more about this all-in-one, site building-hosting-and-marketing system.

Create an income - the sky's the limit!

Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, a student or retired and trying to make ends meet, or you simply long to give up your job and enjoy a different kind of life, building your own website could be for you. A website that attracts traffic creates limitless opportunities to earn a generous living. Here are some interesting success stories ....

Whatever your interest might be, building your own site and having your own unique voice on the web is guaranteed to give you a boost. It certainly gave me a tremendous sense of achievement and it could do the same for you.

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