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Table of Contents 10th September 2009, Issue #017

This Month's Article:
Tips for Times of Change
Tip of the Month:
Ring the Changes

Tips for Times of Change

Change can be a really uncomfortable business, even when it opens the way to a more abundant life. Sometimes the old pattern has to be broken up in order for something new to come in, and this is where trust is required.

When a couple have a baby it may be a desired event but there may also be a sense of loss of their coupledom. Trust is needed that there will be a place for both – life as a couple, as well as the riches of being a family of three.

Losing your job can be fraught with feelings of insecurity and fear for the future. A year later it may prove to have been the best thing to have happened. You may have found an even better job among more friendly people which pays more generously.

To buy your new house you may have to sell your existing one first, put your stuff into storage and take temporary accommodation before you can achieve your goal. It may feel risky and uncomfortable, but it may also put you in the powerful position of being able to act quickly and get what you want.

People have emerged from trauma or disruption in their lives stronger, more competent, purposeful, or more compassionate. They might not have wanted to suffer in the way they did, but they recognise that their experience gave them something they did not have before.

When you experience change you have the choice to resist or co-operate with it. Resistance always hurts. Going with the flow minimises the discomfort and can tip outcomes in your favour.

How to co-operate with the process of change

When you are challenged by change, either because it happens to you or you have to embrace it in order to create the life you want, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for yourself.

  • Remember that change is not good or bad in itself. It’s how you handle it and what you make of it, that is important.
  • Change is a transition between two states. Interact with it in a positive helpful way and you’ll get through the uncomfortable part quicker with better results.
  • Try and be trusting in the process. Trust that a way is being made for something bigger or better to come in, or that an opportunity to learn or be different is being created.
  • Assume that change is going to be good, and it will be.
  • See change as an opportunity.
  • Excitement is a more useful response to challenge than fear.
  • Use change as an opportunity to grow as a person.
  • Hold a picture in your mind of a positive outcome.
  • Stay open to positive results regardless of what is happening.
  • If you feel the change is offering you learning, open up to the lessons.
  • If you feel you are being challenged to surrender and let the universe handle things, try and co-operate.
  • Change is dynamic. When you stop resisting and flow with it, life will be easier.
  • Embrace change and it will love you.

Follow these tips when you approach times of change in your life and you will be more powerful. Change then becomes the catalyst for growth and the key to getting what you want. Go for it!

This Month's Tip
Ring the Changes

Still on the subject of change...

Once a day, week or month, stop doing something that occupies a fixed slot in your routine and do something else. If you always cook a large roast dinner for Sunday lunch, take a picnic out instead. If you spend hours on the computer, turn it off and plant flowers. Spend your life caring for others? Take an afternoon for yourself.

A routine is so safe and predictable, and it can be boring too. So jizz things up a little by doing something different on a regular basis and see what happens.


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