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Elaine Fairweather

Table of Contents 10th July 2008, Issue #003

This Month's Article - Think Positive and Change Your Life
Tip of the Month
Inspiring Quotations

Think Positive and Change Your Life

I regularly return to the importance of keeping one's mind on a POSITIVE track. Why is this? Well....
  • Thoughts affect how you feel. Think positive thoughts and you will feel happier. Entertain negative thoughts and your spirits will sink accordingly.

  • Thoughts influence your power to do and achieve. Focus on your abilities and success, and you will feel the confidence to reach your goals. Think you can't do something, and you probably won't.

  • Maintaining a positive opinion of yourself increases self esteem. Criticising your self and person will lower it.

  • Thinking abundantly and gratefully makes you feel rich, and opportunities to add to your wealth are more likely to come your way. Hard as it may seem, the opposite tends to be true also - thoughts of lack seem to breed poverty.

  • Positive thinking is good for your health too. It can reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure - while negative thinking can actually harm your health.

These are just some of the reasons why it is vitally important to develop a positive outlook. Once you take on board that what you think has great power - for either good or bad - you have the choice to improve any and every area of your life.

Several powerful techniques for changing your thoughts and becoming more positive are fully described on the website. But what else can you do to build positivity?

Develop Direction and Purpose

Having a sense of direction and purpose really helps you to think positive. It's hard to be optimistic and hopeful when nothing is changing. We humans feel good when there is a sense of movement and progress in our lives. We also tend to be more positive when we do something we feel is worthwhile.

Work can be one's vocation but it seems only a few people have the good fortune to love their job. Contributing in a social or charitable way, or using your creative talents may provide that sense of evolvement and fulfilment. Feeling your life is meaningful can counterbalance other less positive circumstances you may be experiencing.

Make Your Life more Meaningful

Ask yourself how you would like to leave your mark on the world. What would you wish to be remembered for? These questions can help you get in touch with that altruistic or creative part of you that may be lurking just beneath the surface.

Do you want to be the next Shakespeare or Mother Theresa? Do you want to be loved for your devotion to children or animals, respected as a patron of the arts, or remembered for your contribution to politics? Of course what's important is what will help you love and respect yourself and give your life meaning - a meaning that may have been subsumed by your daily round.

We have all read those inspiring stories of people who, when faced with the uncertainty of their own survival, draw upon great reserves of strength and character to help other people. The act of doing so seems to raise them to a level where their personal circumstances are transcended.

Having decided how you will make your life more meaningful, do follow through with writing that book, raising funds for charity, or whatever gives you that sense of purpose and a higher mental outlook. Contribute to the greater good and you'll think positive and feel great.

This Month's Tip

You might think that to be admired, you need to have great looks, wear fashionable clothes, that you need to be successful, or a good conversationalist or do outstanding things....but no! The most attractive people are those who feel good about themselves! So, get to work on your self esteem. When YOU love you, everyone else will too.

Inspiring Quotations

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love."
Lao Tzu

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."
Dalai Lama

These spiritual guys certainly knew a thing or two. Something for us all to think about!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Self Confidence Secrets. If you would like to make comments, offer ideas, suggestions or give feedback, I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this zine and tell me what you think.

See you next month!


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