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Elaine Fairweather

Table of Contents 10th January 2010,
Issue #021

This Month's Article: The Way of Passion
Tip of the Month

The Way of Passion

Perhaps, like many others, you are undergoing changes in life which challenge your status quo. Very uncomfortable feelings can arise from being part of an unstable world system and having key parts of your life unravel.

For many of you, those things you depended on, like your job or your relationship, are buckling under the pressure. The world is changing. That is a fact, and, whether we like it or not, we are going to change too.

It is very human to worry, and to try to solve problems in the same time-honoured way. You lose your job, and the old way that you know may be to seek a similar position elsewhere. You may not dare to stop and consider whether the job you have been doing is the right choice for you now, or if you enjoy doing it. I believe we are all being challenged on a global and personal level to resolve things in NEW ways, and that means daring to view things differently.

If the old ways are not working for you in a major area of life, I invite you to take pause….

Let’s play the game of ‘What If’ for a moment.

What if losing your job is the gateway to a new and more fulfilling occupation?
What if the loss of your relationship will eventually lead to a greater love or a wonderful life beyond what you can imagine?
What if your current financial problems ultimately lead you to an abundance and wealth you cannot yet conceive of?

If the perfect job or relationship for you lies in the future, but is so different to what you have been experiencing, you would need to be released from the old way of life in order for the new to come in. In time, you may see that what you are currently experiencing as negative, has made it possible for positive change to happen.

If you cannot envision what the new life might be like, it doesn’t mean it’s not there waiting to manifest. Keeping in mind the potential of any situation enables your creativity to reach out towards that better future and bring it nearer. Becoming locked up in fear makes it more difficult for this to happen.

How to connect to a new and better future

Up to now we have used our considerable mental powers to resolve problems and find our way forward. Many people are finding that this is not working for them now. I am going to talk about a new way that involves a very different modus operandi.

More powerful than thought is feeling. It is time for us all to claim our power, to be more instinctual and more creative in response to whatever is happening to us. In these times of change it’s helpful to get in touch with those things that ignite our passion. Passion is a beacon that can highlight those things that are right for us to do or aspire to, and light the way to them. It is the fiery energy that can fuel new projects or ideas and bring them into actuality.

So, no matter what your situation, start to connect with your passion. Feel into your heart for your dreams and visions. When you feel a passionate response, that is a signal that you are on track. Don’t let thoughts like ‘I can’t do that’ or that’s not possible’ intervene. If at first you draw a blank, keep searching patiently and you will begin to feel something stirring within.

if in your dreams you feel passionate about a completely different career or occupation, don’t reject the idea as frivolous. Just keep it alive in your thoughts without judgement, and you may find openings occurring for you to pursue this path.

It has been said by many who are wise that you will ultimately gain more fulfilment and earn more income from doing what you love, than you ever could from doing what is merely habitual or just for the purpose of earning money.

Resisting change is not really an option. It doesn’t stop change from happening. When you co-operate with change and help it along, you take the sting out of it. Wonderful things can then happen for you. So take the time to discover YOUR passions and let them be your guiding light.

I wish all of you a GREAT year in 2010.

This Month's Tip:

When we love ourselves enough we feel confident and empowered. Each time you look in a mirror say ‘I love you’ to yourself and NEVER make unkind remarks to yourself. Make this a New Year’s resolution and you’ll soon feel the difference.


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