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Elaine Fairweather

Table of Contents 10th October 2008, Issue #006

This Month's Article - Work Wonders with the Law of Attraction
Tip of the Month: On adequacy
What's New/Coming Soon: Exciting news!

Work Wonders with the Law of Attraction

You work on a jig-saw puzzle over days and the images in your dreams also appear in jig-saw shapes.

You’ve lost something important and think over and over again of all the places it could be. After a while you stop thinking about it and later on, quite out of the blue, remember where it is.

After miles of driving you get home, lie down and relax, but miles of road are still unfolding in your mind’s eye. It’s as if you are still going up and down the hills and round the bends in the road.

You’ve been bird-watching, looking carefully for birds hidden away in the trees and hedgerows. Afterwards, you see bird shapes everywhere – in the curve of a cup, in the shadows, in your dreams.

These sorts of experiences are common, but what is happening here? Well, the unconscious mind takes direction from what we hold in our conscious mind. When we concentrate our mind for a while, the idea or image we are focussing on becomes imprinted in the unconscious mind also. If we are intent on a process, that too can be imprinted so a search for lost keys, for instance, continues below the level of conscious awareness.

This means that if you are looking for an answer or a solution to a problem, you can assign this search to your unconscious mind. When you keep focussing on what you want, your unconscious processes will do their utmost to make this manifest for you. If you focus on what you DON’T want, the unconscious mind will try and make that happen for you too.

This is why I am always talking about positive self-talk, affirmations and visualisation as techniques for manifesting what you want. The Law of Attraction, as it is called, is being validated by the latest in brain research. What once belonged in the New Age realm as magical thinking, became the core principle in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, has now become scientific fact.

Imagine thinking intensely about a desirable quality or positive personal trait and imprinting that image so strongly in your unconscious mind that it literally creates it within you! If you want to take advantage of the law of attraction to make those inner changes you want, this is what to do…..

Reflective Meditation Exercise

Choose a quality that you would like more of, such as: joy, love, courage, power, energy.... Now set 10 to 15 minutes aside when you can be quiet and uninterrupted, and reflect on the quality you have chosen. Take ‘love’ for example. Systematically explore every aspect of love in your mind. Think about those times when you have felt love, experienced being loved, seen others demonstrating love. Think of the portrayal of love in books and films.

Your reflections on love may involve people, animals, love of places, nature, children. Think about those things you associate with love like sacrifice, selflessness, giving. Continue to think around the subject without wandering off and when you feel you have exhausted every avenue, carry on searching for more associations.

Do this reflective meditation each day. There will come a time when you feel you’ve explored every facet of love and you may even be bored by the idea of it. It’s important to continue at this point because it often comes just before a breakthrough or significant change.

When you realise that you have become what you have been reflecting on, that your life has changed in the way you have been visualising, your unconscious mind will have completed its job as you directed.

This Month's Tip

If you are daunted by meeting people for the first time, over-awed by experts or people in authority, or your feelings of adequacy are generally challenged by being in the company of others, here are four things to bear in mind….

Remember everyone else has their imperfections, weaknesses, and vulnerability, and they go to the toilet too.

Focus first on ‘sending out’ welcome and warmth toward the other person, rather than thinking about the impact they are having on you.

Remember you have some gifts, talents and abilities that the other person doesn’t have.

If you think the other person doesn’t like you, it’s THEIR loss, not yours. It probably says a lot more about them than you.

What's New/Coming Soon

As an e-zine subscriber you are the first to know of this exciting development. My first e-book is near completion and will shortly be available for purchase on the website.

Packed with new information, tips and techniques for growing self esteem and confidence, this handy manual should hit the virtual bookshelf in the next few weeks. So watch this space………

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