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Elaine Fairweather

Table of Contents 10th December 2009, Issue #020

This Month's Article:
Put it Right with Ho oponopono
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Put it Right with Ho oponopono

In a recent e-zine I talked about the role that EFT (emotional freedom technique) can play in moving through blocks which stop us getting what we want. Not long ago I happened upon another effective technique that is really beautiful in its simplicity.

It’s called ho oponopono and means ‘to put right’. This ancient practice which originated in Hawaii has been adapted to modern therapeutic needs. It’s start point is quite startling but once you get your head around it, is hugely empowering.

To use this technique it’s necessary to embrace the ho oponopono philosophy which says we are 100% responsible for everything we experience. That’s right. You are even responsible for how someone else is. All that we perceive out there is a projection of what’s inside of us. Although it’s a tough one to take on board, when we do, and work with it, we cleanse ourselves, and others benefit too.

The power of ho oponopono

This anecdote demonstrates the power of ho oponopono. A psychologist called Dr Hew Len was called in to help at a high security unit in the Hawaii State hospital in the 1980s. The ward was full of criminally insane people with the most violent tendencies.

Dr Len applied the principles of ho oponopono daily and three years later the last of the patients were rehabilitated and the ward was closed. He never even saw the patients or worked with them! Dr Len worked only on himself and in so doing performed this miracle.

The principle of ho oponopono

Ho oponopono extends personal responsibility to everything and everyone else that appears in your life. While it may seem a difficult, even alien concept, it also means that you have the power to change every aspect of the outer world by changing yourself.

According to this principle, the origin of what you experience in the world lies within you. Since the source of problems or disharmony is in you, their solution or healing also lies within you.

Let’s say that you have money problems. According to ho oponopono, the origin to that is within you. However, it doesn’t mean you are to blame. No judgement is being inferred here.

The process of ho oponopono

The healing process takes the form of an inner monologue:
‘I’m sorry’, ‘Forgive me’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’.

In the example of money problems, you might say:
‘I’m sorry for whatever in me has caused this problem of lack of money’.
‘Please forgive me’
‘Thank you’
‘I love you’

It is important to feel sorry. Several iterations of ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I’m really sorry’ said in a heartfelt way really seems to create a softening, an opening. Then saying ‘forgive me’ is like an offering and the ‘thank you’ feels like the forgiveness has been accepted. It is interesting to feel the shift of energy here, of resolution. By this time saying ‘I love you’ feels natural and acceptable to oneself.

The placement of ‘I love you’ need not be fixed. You may want to start with that or intersperse the other phrases with it. A few repetitions of the whole may be needed to help you get into it. Do what comes naturally and there can be no mistake.

Whether you speak out loud or in your mind, express yourself in a feeling way. You may want to repeat the process each day until you feel your block has gone. How you feel will be an accurate guide to how you are doing.

What ho oponopono can be used for

The healing process of ho oponopono can be applied to almost anything that troubles you and may be the technique of choice when you feel stuck.

It can achieve dramatic results with relationship difficulties. So often it looks like the other person is being unreasonable or is at fault. To use ho oponopono you will need to get beyond assigning blame in order to take responsibility for the whole of the relationship. When you do, applying the healing process can have dramatic results.

As you achieve greater harmony within yourself your experience of the world will change for the better. Everyone you come into contact with will also be infected by your harmony. They will then positively affect everyone else that they meet. Use ho oponopono and be a creator of world harmony.

What's New on the Website

Many people are currently engaged with moving through their personal blocks to find a new way of being and a better way of life. Perhaps the pressures on us to do this have never been so great, nor the rewards richer for doing so.

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New Article > Blocks to Change
All of the techniques on the website have been proved to work, but sometimes you may come up against a block within you that is impeding your progress. You may need to deal with the block before you can benefit from the technique.

This new article explains the nature of blocks, how to reveal them and then deal with them. Find out how to free the energy you have tied up in resistance and make it easier to achieve your goals.

The article is set in the heart of Confidence Techniques, so you have the opportunity to brush up on the core techniques of Self-Talk, Visualisation, and Active Techniques at the same time.

Coming in the New Year

Since writing about EFT in an earlier e-zine, I have wanted to write a full article on the subject for the website. I think it’s a really important addition to anyone’s armoury for improved confidence and self improvement. So I’ll be announcing this new article sometime in the new year. Watch this space!


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