E-zine issue #001 - Exercise For Confidence, A Physical Solution

Editor: Elaine Fairweather

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Table of Contents 10th May 2008, Issue #001

This Month's Article - Build Confidence While You Sweat!
A Handy Technique - Dial Up Courage Whenever You Want
Tip of the Month

Build Confidence While You Sweat

We all know that exercise is good for our bodies. We know about the glow of physical wellbeing it produces, but did you know about the dramatic effects that aerobic exercise can have on your esteem and self confidence?

Running, swimming, cycling or other aerobic activity has a profound effect on emotional and mental wellbeing because it:

  • Raises energy levels
  • Reduces tension and anxiety
  • Strengthens our ability to cope with stress
  • Clears the mind, improves concentration and memory
  • Has a positive effect on self image
  • Improves sleep
  • Provides an outlet for any negative feelings
  • Lifts the spirits, increases the feel-good factor
  • It can even alleviate depression

Best after work and before dinner, a regular dose of aerobic activity could work wonders on your confidence levels.

I am not a naturally athletic person but I can say that I've experienced some of the dramatic benefits of exercise myself. I was due to have some rather nasty dental treatment which I was very nervous about. It so happened that my fitness class immediately preceded the dental appointment. I was amazed to find that all my fear had gone by the end of the session and I sailed through my experience at the dentist!

When you are stressed, tense or anxious your body tends to become set in a posture that both reflects and perpetuates this. Aerobic exercise loosens you up, enabling you to let go of negative patterns in both body and mind. In the glow of wellbeing that follows, you naturally feel more positive, resourced and confident. For the best results you'll need to make exercise regular and part of your life.

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." - Carol Welch.

If the thought of any sporting activity really turns you off, there are other options such as:

  • Energetic dancing (on your own at home if not in a social setting)
  • If you live in a house with stairs you can use these by walking up and down them briskly several times in succession
  • Digging or housework can also be done in a vigorous manner
  • Installing a punch bag or netball hoop could be just what you need to start being more physically active
  • Walking with bursts of faster or uphill walking

Can Exercise Help You?

Why not experiment and judge for yourself if exercise can help you become more confident. Choose a form of exercise suitable for your level of health and, if this is new for you, begin gently and work up gradually. Work within your current capacity and only go beyond that sufficient to raise your heart rate and introduce the aerobic element.

If you have some incapacity - you do not have the use of your legs for example - you can still obtain all the benefits of aerobic activity by using your arms instead.

If you have doubts about the suitability of exercise for you, do consult your doctor.


Now an exercise for your mind to help you summon up courage and confidence on demand.

Dial Up Courage Whenever You Want

Imagine how useful it would be to feel cool, calm and confident when faced with those difficult situations. Anchoring is a handy technique for evoking internal positive resourceful feelings when you want them.

Let me explain how you can set up an anchor for yourself and begin to experience the benefits straight away.

How to Create an Anchor (Part 1)

Spend some time thinking about occasions in the past when you felt STRONGLY confident and in control. Choose the best examples. It does not matter if you felt confident in a non-challenging situation, however the stronger you experienced the feeling the better.

Relax yourself as much as possible, then relive the experience in your mind, allowing yourself to feel all the physical and emotional sensations of that time. See, hear and feel all that is happening as vividly as possible. Now magnify those feelings of confidence and just as you begin to peak, touch one of your finger tips to your thumb on the same hand, and squeeze.

Release your fingers and break the state BEFORE the peak of the experience passes by moving or thinking about something else. Then repeat the process with another positive memory. Do this 4/5 times.

If you cannot find suitable memories from the past, create images or daydreams of the future that evoke the desired feelings of confidence in you, and use them instead. Think about what it would feel like to be strongly confident. See, hear and feel all the sensations of the situations you imagine yourself in. Then carry on as above.

How to Use the Anchor

When you want to feel more confident and resourced - you are attending an interview for example - just touch your finger to your thumb and squeeze to fire the anchor you created. No one will notice. You'll instantly feel those positive feelings flooding in just when you need them!

By the way, the power of Anchoring can be enhanced by using it with self hypnosis and relaxation. Full details can be found on the website.

Next month I'll be developing this technique further so don't miss Part 2 in June's Self Confidence Secrets.


This Month's Tip

I've just come back from a holiday in the West of Ireland. I put one of the digital photos I took on my computer desktop. It's a picture of mountain peaks against a deep blue sky. Every time I look at it I am transported back to the happy day I spent walking in the foothills of Carrantuohill.

Whenever I boot up and see that picture, the same feelings I had then, are evoked in me now. My desktop wallpaper is a visual Anchor that triggers feelings of joy, health, exhilaration and freedom in me. Find a special picture to use as YOUR anchor, either on your computer screen, fridge or wall. It can be inspiring, relaxing, energising - whatever feelings you need to feel right now.


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