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Elaine Fairweather

Table of Contents 10th May 2009, Issue #013

This Month's Article:
Tune into your Energy Cycle and Flow
Tip of the Month:
Right Time for Learning
What's New:
Feel Your Worth...Know Your Power

Tune into your Energy Cycle and Flow

Whether or not you believe in the existence of biorhythms, I’m sure you’ll agree that your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day and evening. How you feel can also be wildly different one day to the next. We all experience periods of relatively high and low energy.

Everything goes in cycles including your energy

In addition to the daily ups and downs that we inwardly experience, there are the occasional severe peaks and troughs we go through in the graph of life. I’ve known times when my energy was so low I felt I really shouldn’t be out on the road or operating dangerous equipment. Perhaps these are the ‘critical days’ in the biorhythm theory. There have also been those pinnacles of high energy where it felt ok to be expansive, daring, or spontaneous.

One cycle that has been proven to operate in the physical body is that of temperature. Your body temperature goes through a daily cycle, having its ‘hot’ and ‘cooler’ points with a variation of 1.5 degrees. When your temperature reaches its peak, energy, alertness and performance, motor skills and mental sharpness are enhanced. Taking your temperature during the day may help you discover when your body is running hottest, but with a little self awareness, you can probably intuit this.

Eating is a cycle which affects energy levels. We all know the torpor that can follow a big meal when we are only fit to go to sleep. Being slightly hungry on the other hand can keep you alert and on the ball. Low blood sugar can cause actual weakness, feelings of anxiety, as well as interfere with your mental acuity.

Tune in to your personal rhythm and put it to your advantage

There are probably many more cycles affecting us than even the experts know. What’s important is that you tune in to how you feel and use those highs and lows to your advantage.

Try and become aware of your energy levels at different times of the day. If you are feeling tired, mentally dull, or tense, it’s probably not the best time to climb a ladder, be creative or solve problems. Deferring to another more suitable time may be the best course if that is possible.

I know from personal experience that waiting for the optimum time before I do something challenging, can pay dividends. When I wait until I feel stronger, more alert, more energised, I tend to feel more resourced and in control, perform better and get a better result.

Notice when you are feeling stronger and use this higher energy level to achieve more.

Make the best use of low energy periods too

It’s very tempting to soldier on in the face of difficulty but if your energy is low and you are making mistakes or things are not going swimmingly, it can be more productive to rest, change activity or read the newspaper!

When your energy is low cut yourself a little slack. Don’t blame yourself if your performance drops off. It’s just a signal that you need to recoup your energy by doing something different.

Even if you are at work, it may be possible to switch tasks, open a window and take a few deep breaths, or make a cup of tea. You may be able to run errands or do someone a favour – to give yourself the needed respite. If you are at home, allow yourself to take time off, have some recreation or take a nap.

Sometimes you can kick-start a cycle of higher energy by exercising vigorously. Tiredness or lethargy can sometimes mask de-hydration, so drinking water can dramatically improve how you feel.

To summarise

Be aware of how you feel and your energy level. Work with it rather than against, or in spite, of it. Allow yourself to take time out when you are in a ‘low’ energy period and know that your energy will return more quickly for doing so.

Look upon the low energy times as positive rather than negative. Switch to things that are appropriate for the low energy points. Do this and you will even out your days and enjoy greater balance.

Take advantage of the high energy times and savour feelings of greater confidence and capability. Enjoy the productiveness of them but don’t expect peak performance of yourself, or others, all of the time. It’s unrealistic.

Biorhythms or not, it is possible to create a flow that is efficient and satisfying. Prioritise according to the highs and lows and you can tap into the benefits of each.

This Month's Tip: Right Time for Learning

A piece of research involving 165 students has revealed that, contrary to popular practice, 4 o’clock in the morning is the worst possible time to study, learn or memorise.

Two peak learning periods were found to occur each day for all of the students: between 9-11 am and 3-4 pm. So, if you want to absorb important information or learn a new skill, you might try keying into these periods of enhanced learning efficiency.

*What's New*

Feel Your Worth...Know Your Power
The Essential Guide to Confidence Building

Launched at last! My new e-book provides all you need to know to build deep and lasting self esteem and confidence. Drawing on many years of experience – both personal and professional – I have brought together all the knowledge and techniques that have worked for me and my clients.

It has been a real pleasure for me to be able to include new material as well as to expand considerably on some of the information that appears on the website. I’m thrilled to have completed on this project and can’t wait to get going on the next one. If you want to tell me what you would like to read about next, please reply to this e-mail or use the contact me form on the website.

Read more about Feel Your Worth...Know Your Power.

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