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Elaine Fairweather

Table of Contents 10th December 2008, Issue #008

This Month's Article:
A Little Change of Perspective and a Dollop of Love
Tip of the Month: Imagine......

A Little Change of Perspective and a
Dollop of Love

This e-zine comes near to Christmas which for many people means a time of demonstrating love and goodwill. All too often these noble sentiments get lost amid the bustle of the season, just as they can do throughout a normal busy life during the year.

Recently I thought how automated much of my life had become. This state of affairs had crept up on me without me noticing, and was causing me to feel jaded and lack-lustre. When I thought about it, I had most of what I wanted in my life. All I needed was to make what I already have and already do, yield more value for me. I’d like to share with you the little change of perspective that recovered my zest for life.

On the face of it I was doing things right – doing what I love best, contributing to others, having time for and nurturing myself – but all of this was pretty much happening on autopilot. An essential ingredient was missing. I was not feeling the love.

The idea came to me to draw up a list representing all the areas in my life that I care about. I then added the ingredient of love. The document sits on the desktop of my computer as a constant reminder to go about my daily life with the consciousness of love. Here it is………

LOVE MYSELF through:

Earthly gifts such as clothing, good food, exercise, time off.
Emotional gifts of understanding, self acceptance, humour, encouragement, support, praise, relaxation.
Spiritual gifts of meditation, quiet contemplation, listening to uplifting music.


Loving thoughts such as prayers for their health or safety.
Loving actions.

LOVE MY HOME through:

Housework, gardening, improvements.

LOVE MY WORLD through:

Appreciation, gratitude, recycling, reducing carbon footprint, contribution to others.

LOVE MY WORK through:

Forwarding those projects I have my heart in.
Feel my way lovingly through difficulties and challenges.


Paying bills with grace and gratitude for what has been provided. Spending consciously with love and gratitude, blessing the money I spend as it goes out into the world.

As a result of this list I made few actual changes to what I did with my life, but the subtle shift of perspective made a huge difference to the feelings I derived from daily living. Everything I now do, I try to do with the loving intention. I find it really helps to think of housework as loving my home instead of a tiresome chore.

If you find yourself doing things automatically, or you are not getting satisfaction out of your life, see what happens when you change your perspective and let your actions arise out of love. Even the meal you make, the work you do, the sleep you have, can be prefaced with loving intent. Since the energy you put into your life will be of a higher order, what you get back out of it will also be more enlivening and enriching.

I hope a little change of perspective may help YOU live with the spirit of Christmas all year round. To everyone, I wish you great happiness and peace in the New Year.

This Month's Tip

A state of relaxation can be difficult to create in these troubled times. Use this poem as a visualisation to help you take that much needed holiday from stress.


Imagine there were no wars,
No scarcity, nor any cause
For the body to be tense.
Imagine a world of peace,
Of laughter, fun, caprice,
Abundance, love and innocence.

Imagine…. and as you dream,
Let go and flow with the stream
Of calming thought.
Make your vision vivid, real,
Until you feel
Your clock’s set back to nought.

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See you next month!


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