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Elaine Fairweather

Table of Contents 10th July 2009, Issue #015

This Month's Article:
Dealing with Blocks to Success
Tip of the Month:
Program Your Day for Quality Living

Dealing with Blocks to Success

Do you have a particular area in your life where, no matter how hard you try, nothing changes and you can’t seem to move forward?

Do you find history repeating itself – either that you make the same sort of choices which lead to the same end result, or that life seems to deal the same set of cards to you over and over again?

Maybe you find yourself accepting your lot with thoughts like:
I always choose the wrong kind of man/woman
I never win
Where money/relationships/work is concerned, I’m a loser
Opportunities happen to other people, not to me

All too often we get to the point of resignation that this is just how it is for us – as though some greater power is doing this to us, or that we are defective in some way. Either way it tends to erode self esteem and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We reinforce the pattern by regarding it as proof of how things are and always will be.

The nature of the unconscious block

These are the tell-tale signs of there being an unconscious block. Sometimes we kid ourselves that we have tried everything, done all possible to change and failed, then let ourselves off the hook so we don’t try anymore. That’s part of the defence too.

Another facet of this problem is that we can believe ourselves open to change (and maybe we can prove it in other areas of life), and not recognise that we have a block in this one area. Again, this is the nature of the unconscious block. It’s sneaky and tries to stay under the radar.

Resistance to moving through your blocks

A number of things can be operating at an underground level to maintain the status quo. Here are just a few examples:

It can feel safe to stay the same and risky to change
You may feel you don’t deserve what you truly want
Others might not like it if you change
There may be fear of failure, or fear of success
Others might expect more of you if you became more capable
You might lose sympathy or attention

When there is a greater drive to maintain the block than there is to move through it, there will be no change.

If you are finding that positive thinking and affirmations are slow to work in one particular area of your life, it may be a sign that you have resistance to change here, and need to address the blockage directly.

Certainly to move forward you will need to become aware of any blocks that are operating against you. Basically, if you are consistently not leading the life you want, consider that there is a part of you sabotaging your ability to change or manifest it. This IS the block.

A simple technique to release the block

A while ago I came across EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and I have used it on myself to very great effect. It is a simple method of dissolving blocks which involves tapping on the ends of acupuncture points whilst saying three sets of statements.

The first is a set-up sequence which acknowledges the situation and how you feel, whilst affirming self acceptance. By tapping on the karate chop point at the same time, the words really go home and soften you up for the next part.

The next set of statements to be said while tapping on various points on the face, collar bone, under-arm and top of the head, are to key you into the problem area and they are purposely negative. As you feel your way into the problem, the tapping starts to neutralise it and open you up to new possibilities.

A third round of statements while tapping the same acupuncture points focuses on the positives of what you want to create/change.

Once you’ve learned where the tapping points are and worked out your statements, the process takes only minutes and can make a huge difference to how you feel. I follow the format that Carol Look uses on her website and in her newsletters. Why not take a look for yourself at

After the block has gone

When you’ve dealt with the block, your positive thinking and affirmations will have much greater effect than before. You can also use the EFT method of tapping while saying affirmations, which anchors them in your body so they become part of you.

I found these excellent tips to help you get the most out of EFT.

This Month's Tip:
Program Your Day for Quality Living

I’m always looking for quick but effective ways to squeeze the most out of life. This little prayer, affirmation or whatever you want to call it, came into my mind the other morning. I liked it so much, that I’ve used it since to direct my days in positive ways.

“May everything I think today, decide today, do or experience today, be significant and positive for my growth and development, and for my happiness and wellbeing.”

If it speaks to you, use it, or something like it, with daily intention and see what a difference it makes.


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