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Elaine Fairweather

Table of Contents 10th June 2009, Issue #014

This Month's Article:
Unwind by Getting Back to Nature
Tip of the Month:
Positive Memories are Your Resource
What's New

Unwind by Getting Back to Nature

In these modern troubled times there are plenty of things that can cause worry and stress which drives out the natural feelings of joy and the wonder of life. Yet this planet is still beautiful and many of its people are wonderful kindly souls. Getting back in touch with nature and basic values can really help to restore your balance and get things back into proportion, enabling you to carry on with hope and optimism.

Let me illustrate this by sharing my recent personal experience.

A simple life

I have just back come from a break where my husband and I stayed in our small cottage which sits on a hill in a remote area of western Ireland. There is nothing fancy or romantic about it. Although there are extensive views, they are rugged rather than picturesque. Four walls and a roof give us shelter from the elements but the house is without the comfort and padding of insulation. Warmth is provided by a cast iron stove and locally cut peat or ‘turf’ to burn in it.

We have the means to cook but not to make elaborate meals. There is no television – only books and games to entertain us at night. The telephone line is not good enough to support connection to the internet. We are lucky in having a bathroom and electricity!

Life in this setting is about gathering fuel for the fire, keeping dry, doing our own repairs, managing with the basic necessities. Although it is less convenient and involves more work, we are paradoxically refreshed and recharged by the experience every time we go.

Relationships come first

We have a few Irish neighbours and we count them all as our friends. Everyone on our hill knows they can depend on each other to lend a hand when things go wrong. The system that probably existed all over the world years ago, where survival depended on this structure of co-operation, is still alive and kicking there today.

It’s natural to drop in to have conversation with neighbours, to share in their joys and their troubles, to hear each other’s news, enjoy a joke and put the world to rights. At the heart of life is the family and relationships, rather than work, careers and achievement. Although we cannot claim any Irish ancestry, my husband and I feel supported and valued in the complete acceptance with which we are received. The people who live nearby have become as much our family as our blood relations.

Contrast with life back home

There is a timeless quality about such a life that is so healing. When we return to England with its noise and bustle, the contrast is noticeable and sometimes a shock to our system. I am made acutely aware of the speed at which people go about their daily business, the driven nature of life here and the stress that many people are enduring.

I have been deeply affected by my experiences in Ireland which have caused me to make adjustments and implement changes in my life in the UK. I appreciate the benefits of getting back to nature and simplifying life as much as possible. For me that means regular walks where it is green, having a keener interest in gardening and more time for people. I am happier, more content and less stressed in consequence.

Could your life be improved by getting back to nature?

In modern life I believe we need to take active steps to regularly de-stress, recharge our batteries and restore our balance. Devoting some of our spare time to being with nature by working in the garden, walking in the countryside, or visiting a park can help to do this.

Switching off the TV, sitting quietly with friends and really listening to them may yield more pleasure and fulfilment than trying to converse over loud noise in a pub. Playing games is also a good way of unwinding and spending quality time with family or friends.

Feeling that you are part of nature and part of a community, and experiencing that connection on a regular basis is vitally important to your health and wellbeing. For most people it doesn’t just happen. You will need to actively do something about it. So I leave you to consider what you can do to put these elements back into your life.

This Month's Tip:
Positive Memories are Your Resource

Instead of thinking about the areas in which you lack confidence, train yourself to think about those times when you were confident, you did have success, you achieved something, when you felt vital and enthused etc.

To help you tap into these positive memories regularly, make a list of them and run through it daily, or every few days. As you do, RELIVE those events, allowing yourself to experience once again those positive feelings. This will do more to build your current level of confidence than focusing on lack, which actually works against you.

*What's New*

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