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Elaine Fairweather

Table of Contents 10th June 2010, Issue #026

This Month's Article: Abundance is a Feeling
Tip of the Month: The Value of Creative Space

Abundance is a Feeling

Many of us are feeling pinched as the global economy impacts on our own country’s finances. It is easy to think there isn’t much money or opportunity about. With the regular feed of depressing news, it can also be difficult to maintain a positive outlook.

However, we do not have to fall into the trap of believing there is a lack of abundance when there is so much around us to be thankful for and to feel abundant about. Such difficult times can deliver the most valuable lesson of all: that abundance is a feeling, and it does not actually depend on our outer circumstances!

The abundance of blessings

Spending five minutes once or twice a day to think about all of our blessings is a great stress reliever. Your blessings may indeed be material things like your home and your car. They may also be in the form of relationships such as your partner, your pet, your family and friends. The experiences you have had qualify too, eg. a good holiday, or something really simple like a walk on a fine day. By reliving the positive feelings that all of these things give, or have given you, and being grateful, you experience abundance.

Think about the assets and the money you DO have, rather than what you don’t have. Be thankful for the means that have provided for you. Focus on the material goods you own or have the use of, rather than that latest gadget you don’t yet have.

Experience abundance through giving

Another way of experiencing abundance is to give. Giving implies that you have plenty to share. It also feeds your spirit which generates a feeling of abundance too. You do not have to be wealthy to give. You can share something from your garden or food that you have made. You can give someone your attention and your time, a friendly smile, emotional support or understanding.

Another way to open your heart in giving is to hold in your thoughts someone who is ill or going through a bad time. Give them your thoughts or prayers and imagine them being well or happy again. They may never know what you are doing, but giving in this way increases your own feeling of abundance.

You may already be a natural giver but do your giving consciously to feel abundant in the fruits of the spirit.

The funny thing is, that the more abundant you feel, the more abundance will come into your life. Be sure to notice when someone does you a kindness or brings you a gift, and acknowledge all the abundance you receive. By living in the field of abundance of freely giving and receiving, you create the conditions of harmony which attracts even more abundance to you.

As you practise feeling abundant you become more so. As you realise that what is truly important, you already have, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind and enhanced health and wellbeing.

Imagine a whole world of individuals who feel abundant and who live abundantly according to this principle. The economy might just get rolling again and there could be plenty to go around for everyone.

This Month's Tip: The Value of Creative Space

Make space in your life for some creativity. Studies have shown that people who do are healthier and happier, and live longer. It doesn’t matter what form it takes as long as you enjoy your chosen creative activity. Give yourself permission to enter fully into it to reap the full benefits.

When you are in that creative space you may also receive insights or become aware of the solution to a problem – without even thinking about it. There is literally space for the deeper parts of your mind to get to work on your behalf.

You don’t have to be ‘good at’ the activity you choose. You don’t have to be an artist or a musician to be creative. Cooking or gardening, or having a creative project can all qualify. The important thing is to be non-judgemental about what you create and to enjoy the process.

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